Expecting a Jewish Nakba

The Kushner peace map was not drawn up by Israelis and the Israeli government when officially accepting the Kushner peace plan of course knew that it would be rejected by the Palestinian Authority. The Kushner peace map has its flaws and does not represent the Israeli partition map. What is the Israeli partition map? The Israeli restorative indigenous communities were not founded randomly but rather represent the Israeli national security interest in maintaining Israeli permanent control over strategically important points throughout Judea and Samaria. Those communities were contrary to what is frequently claimed by opponents of these communities established in such a way so as to not prevent but rather facilitate partition. While certainly not ideal, although taking into account many Israeli national security interests, does the Kushner peace map nevertheless prove that the restorative indigenous communities are not obstacles to partition. 

It is true that there is no Palestinian partner for the Israeli partition map and although Jordan would be a willing partner are Israeli strategists completely opposed to a Jordanian presence west of the Jordan River due to the immense security risks that would present themselves were the Hashemites to fall from power and be replaced by a new regime committed to Israel’s destruction. This means that major hostile forces from countries such as Algeria, Pakistan, Iran and Malaysia could be stationed in the Judea and Samaria mountain ridge overlooking Israel’s metropolitan areas. A surprise attack by a numerically superior hostile force from Judea and Samaria would no doubt deal a death blow to the Jewish state as Israel would not be able to mobilize the reserves until it was too late.

Although the Israeli partition map facilitates partition would a Palestinian state as established according to the Israeli partition map nevertheless pose an unacceptable threat as it would no doubt turn into yet another Iranian rocket base that would terrorize Israeli cities. While in theory there is an option of establishing a state under a leadership controlled by Israeli intelligence, this would not be accepted by the Palestinian population and could easily be overthrown. Again, while not perfect does the Kushner peace map in its major outlines have many things in common with the Israeli partition map. The Kushner peace map proves however conclusively that the restorative indigenous communities of Judea and Samaria certainly are no obstacles to peace. 

The problem is that the Palestinian issue is only amenable to a solution through major Jewish population increase in Israel, something that could happen in time through the Haredi population explosion or much earlier through Median Jewish mass immigration to Israel. There is no immediate resolution, indeed no panacea to resolve the Palestinian problem before there is very significant expansion of the size of the Jewish population in Israel, something which will enable Israel to redeem and enfranchise the entire Judea and Samaria.

It is entirely unrealistic to think that the Palestinian problem could be resolved through a Jewish Nakba displacing hundreds of thousands of indigenous residents from Judea and Samaria since such a fully sovereign state once established would immediately invite major military forces from Muslim countries seeking Israel’s destruction. The Israeli public will never accept a Jewish Nakba and it is entirely unrealistic to expect one. The reestablished indigenous presence in Judea and Samaria is permanent and is designed to thwart the kind of partition that would pose a threat against Israel’s very existence. The expectation that a Jewish Nakba would deliver peace is entirely divorced from reality, not only is it not realistic in terms of Israeli public opinion but it would certainly not lead to peace but rather to the establishment of an Iranian terror state west of the Jordan river. Having an Iranian proxy regime only kilometers from central Jerusalem and in close proximity to metropolitan Tel Aviv is not a valid recipe for peace, rather it would inevitably lead to Israeli reoccupation of the entire Judea and Samaria, meaning returning to square one, the situation that existed right after the 1967 Six Day War. Deporting hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria would certainly not bring peace but would rather the opposite, namely complete Israeli military reoccupation of Judea and Samaria without the convenient presence of the Palestinian Authority. A Jewish Nakba is not only dystopian in its vision of evicting hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes but would certainly not bring peace.

There are no prospects for a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority due to its insistence on flooding sovereign Israel with millions of Anti-Zionists expecting to implement a larger Jewish Nakba, namely the eviction of the Jewish population in sovereign Israel and its deportation to Western countries. This is the Palestinian vision of peace. First a Judea and Samaria without Jews and then an Israel without Jews. The Palestinian complaints about historical population displacement during Israel’s War of Independence in 1947-49 are entirely hypocritical since there is a wide Palestinian consensus about the need to implement a Jewish Nakba in evicting 7 million Jews from their homes and at best deporting them to the US and the EU and at worst exterminating them.

Israeli strategists are of course aware of the Palestinian ambition for a larger Jewish Nakba and are entirely unwilling to play along with any script that would cause any kind of Jewish Nakba. Governments eager to resolve the Palestinian question need to focus their attention on facilitating major Median Jewish Aliyah (immigration) to Israel from the Middle East. This is the only viable path in the short term to peace leading to Israel redeeming and enfranchising the entire Judea and Samaria and Jordan subsequently annexing Gaza. There is in practice no other peace option.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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