Disengagement is not Possible Without Normalization

The Biden administration inherited from the Trump administration the concept of US disengagement from Islamdom. For the Trump administration this was contingent upon outsourcing most of the US superrole in Islamdom to Israel. Israel would defend American interests in Islamdom and the US would defend Israeli interests outside of Islamdom. That was the equation and the Trump administration began to implement that vision. The Trump administration therefore invested immensely in promoting normalization and alignment between Israel and nations of Islamdom. Then came the Biden administration and the US continued to disengage from Islamdom, yet US investment in promotion of normalization lessened drastically as the the Biden administration for unexplained reasons ceased the Trump administration’s policy of offering diplomatic incentives for normalization. As a result no countries have declared their intention to normalize with Israel so far during the term of the Biden administration despite many nations having been declared to be in the pipeline during the last weeks of the Trump presidency.

The Biden administration needs to internalize that it will not be able to continue the process of US disengagement from Islamdom unless it is able to outsource much of its superpower duties in Islamdom to Israel. For some reason the previous policy of providing incentives to nations that normalize and align with Israel was discontinued. This is wholly unsustainable. The rupture in policy on Islamdom between US administrations during the 21st century is harmful to US national interests as it undermines the trust other nations hold in America. Allied nations of Islamdom consider the US to be an increasingly unreliable partner due to what is effectively domestic instability considering the radically different policies on Islamdom of presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. However, nations of Islamdom want to be certain that America continues its policy of outsourcing superpower duties in Islamdom to Israel by America making commitments to those nations, known as “incentives”. 

Israel is together with Iran one of two great powers of Islamdom, yet Israel as other nations in Islamdom is dependent on the United States and nations of Islamdom certainly cherish the policy continuity in Israel’s foreign affairs. Now America is even officially and of course wholly insincerely so denying that it is disengaging from Islamdom despite continuing to implement the US disengagement from Islamdom. Nations of Islamdom allied with the United States of course wonder what is the real policy of the Biden administration. Why is the Biden administration denying its policy of disengagement from Islamdom and why is the US no longer providing incentives to nations that normalize relations with Israel despite this being essential to the very process of normalization? No explanations have come from the White House.

The US is certainly overstretched as a superpower and it is in the interest of the United States to as much as possible outsource its superpower duties around the world to reliable allied, genuinely friendly nations so that America can focus on the great power rivalry with China. This does not mean that America is giving up its role as the sole superpower, it merely means that allies will be tasked with upholding US interests in return for US incentives. This promotes American interests and certainly makes sense as a policy. America is not an empire and it is not interested in dominating anyone, yet America has interests that need to be upheld and defended and if that can be done by proxies then so much better.

The US is still encouraging nations of Islamdom to normalize relations with Israel, yet without providing any incentives to do so. This is peculiar since all diplomatic relationships are based on quid pro quo. While it could be argued that there is enough incentives in normalization itself considering the significant benefits in normalizing and aligning with Israel, the most high tech economy in the world with the world’s leading intelligence community and one of the strongest militaries in the world, it needs to be emphasized that Israel’s relationship with Islamdom is a triangular relationship with the US as the third partner. Israel will exercise its great power role in Islamdom largely on behalf of the United States and nations of Islamdom need to be reassured that there is continuity in US support for Israel’s triangular relationship with Islamdom.

The sudden rupture in US foreign policy on Islamdom with every new president since George W. Bush is deeply disconcerting to nations in Islamdom which seek stability and therefore favor the expansion and deepening of the triangular relationship between Israel, the US and Islamdom. The stability and continuity in Israeli foreign policy is a major reason why nations of Islamdom favor the policy of the US outsourcing much of its superpower duties in Islamdom to Israel.

America has much less interest in Islamdom now when it is energy independent and Israel can be relied on to promote US interests throughout Islamdom as Israel is highly dependent on America for both diplomatic support and delivery of advanced weapon systems. It is certainly imperative that the US resumes its policy of offering incentives to nations of Islamdom that normalize relations with Israel. The US needs to put an end to the confusion surrounding US policy on Islamdom and explain to its allies how it intends to continue to responsibly disengage from Islamdom.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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