The Jewish People should Declare War on the Muslim Brotherhood

The ongoing surge in Anti-Zionism in the United States is fomented by an alliance of leftwingers with the Muslim Brotherhood which is an international intelligence agency whose agents are trained at deceiving and politically defrauding its “partners” and other victims. What do the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks to introduce sharia law as state law, including capital punishment for homosexuals and apostates, really have in common with leftwing Christian groups and LGBTQI organizations? This does not matter for the Muslim Brotherhood which is ready to lie and deceive to infiltrate, coopt and influence almost any non-profit organization. If they infiltrate a liberal party, then they are liberals, if they infiltrate a leftwing party then they are left-wingers and if they “cooperate” with an LGBTQI organization they fully falsely claim to be pro-LGBTQI. It is precisely because the Muslim Brotherhood is an intelligence organization that it is able to be so flexible in pragmatically deceiving in so many ideological directions. 

The national intelligence world is of course aware what the Muslim Brotherhood is and is not, yet is used to political action by foreign intelligence services and the Muslim Brotherhood is since less than two decades a Turkey-based international intelligence network. The Muslim Brotherhood’s previous global center was Sudan where the Muslim Brotherhood had ruled since the 1980s and lost power in 2019 due to a combined popular revolution and subsequent military coup. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is an enemy of the Jewish people despite “cooperating” with Jewish organizations in organizing entirely insincere “interfaith dialogue”. There as everywhere else are the Muslim Brotherhood interlocutors agents trained in deceiving and politically defrauding for political benefit. At the same time does the Muslim Brotherhood as the world’s largest Islamist organization spread Anti-Semitic propagandas around the world.  

It is about time that the Muslim Brotherhood is exposed for what it is and what it is up to. Israel should assist the organized Jewish community worldwide to expose Muslim Brotherhood front organizations and help the Jewish community declare war on the Muslim Brotherhood. The Qutbist Muslim Brotherhood is seeking Israel’s destruction and has emerged as Israel’s most implacable adversary along with Khomeinist Iran. Despite the Muslim Brotherhood political party of Ra’am (United Arab List) currently being a member of the governing coalition in Israel needs Israel discreetly help the organized Jewish community worldwide to mobilize against and expose Muslim Brotherhood front organizations and Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators. The Muslim Brotherhood has not only taken over natural allies of Jewish organizations but it is actively campaigning to destroy the world’s only Jewish state. It is about time that Israel recognizes the global Muslim Brotherhood, including its parallel intelligence organization as an emerging strategic threat against Israel.

Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, yet the Muslim Brotherhood’s quest to destroy Israel is not limited to Hamas, this is a hateful obsession shared by the Muslim Brotherhood in its entirety. The Jewish people worldwide needs to be alerted to this danger so that it can educate civil society about the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood and thus prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from cooperating with and infiltrating civil society. However, as long as it remains unknown to the public that Muslim Brotherhood activists are given a form of intelligence training run by a clandestine organization as the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy itself is an undergroud organization, it is not possible to effectively counteract the Muslim Brotherhood. The solution is certainly not for the Mossad to engage in covert action against the Muslim Brotherhood but rather needs some of Israel’s wealth of intelligence information about the Muslim Brotherhood be shared with Jewish organizations worldwide in order to help them protect their countries against this intelligence threat and hence mobilize civil society in their nations against the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Fundamentally needs the Muslim Brotherhood be widely exposed in public debate as an intelligence organization in order to be delegimitized. The goal needs to be to alert civil society to the danger of cooperation with and infiltration from the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks a global totalitarian theocratic state. There are three pillars to the Muslim Brotherhood, 1) the first pillar is the hierarchical organization of the Muslim Brotherhood which is a clandestine and underground fraternal organization, 2) the second pillar are the front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood which typically in most countries outwardly deny affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and include political organizations, charities and congregations and 3) the third pillar is the Turkey-based global Muslim Brotherhood intelligence organization which trains and prepares agents to become “activists” in civil society by actively lying about their motivations for doing so and their ideological and religious persuasions.

The Jewish people needs to us its legitimacy to mobilize and expose the workings of the Muslim Brotherhood which is increasingly posing an emerging strategic threat against the survival of the Jewish people. This must certainly not be done through bigotry against Muslims as that is utterly counterproductive and actively legitimizes Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood as ostensible “victims” of Islamophobia. 

This effort needs to be performed as a global campaign in full compliance with law and without any covert intelligence operations whatsoever. In fact, exposing the Muslim Brotherhood as a Turkish intelligence outfit will go a long way towards delegitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood. The main political strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood is to infiltrate and coopt civil society and a key goal is to turn them against Israel. This has already been achieved with the Labour party in the United Kingdom which is now dominated by Anti-Zionists. Israel should consider that this may happen in further liberal democracies and should thus help mobilize the organized Jewish community to defend their nations’ civil societies against totalitarian intelligence infiltration and co-option.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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