Iran’s Chemical Weapons Calculus

Why does Iran intend to attack third countries with chemical weapons following Israel’s destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program? First, this is intended as deterrence so that nations will pressure Israel never to attack the Iranian nuclear weapons program again. Second, it is intended to isolate the Jewish state among the nations and diminish support for Israel in creating a risk that those friendly to Israel will be attacked with Iranian weapons of mass destruction. Third, it is intended to force the US to withdraw all support for and weapons deliveries to allies in Islamdom, including Israel and Saudi Arabia. Fourth, it is intended to bring down America as a superpower by defeating the US. Fifth, it is intended to pave the way for the establishment of Iran as a superpower by Iran gaining control over the Gulf States and their oil resources and hence giving Iran extortionist oil powers.

Iran has a worldview according to which the world is controlled by a global Jewish conspiracy and the country is ruled by a paranoid octogenarian dictator according to medieval principles. Despite this apparent detachment from the world, Iran has highly sophisticated policies in foreign affairs and military strategy.

While it is true that Russia and China are serious rivals of the United States in the mid to long term, in the short term Iran is the main threat. The notion that Iran could be pacified by appeasing it to return to the JCPOA has proven completely detached from reality. America faces a severe threat from Iran which just days ago threatened to “crush the teeth” of the United States and pointed out that Iran has the capacity to do so.

America would be particularly well-advised to join the emerging international coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran, permanently destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program and provide air support to the peoples of Iran to liberate themselves from medievalist totalitarianism.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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