The Octopus of Terror

Islamist movements generally believe in the existence of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. This is an integral part of the Islamist Weltanschauung (comprehensive worldview). It should be kept in mind that Islamists actually seek global control and Islamist world rule and therefore the Anti-Semitic notion that the Jews have a similar ambition does not seem strange to Islamists. That the way international Islamism is organized resembles the imagined Jewish conspiracy should therefore not surprise. The Muslim Brotherhood is organized like a secret conspiracy to take over the world and the Khomeinist empire outside of Iran is run like an octopus with many separate tentacles as Islamists imagine that the alleged American-Jewish global conspiracy is. The Muslim Brotherhood major American organizations are modeled on major Jewish organizations in the United States which Islamists presume control the American-Jewish “octopus” worldwide. Islamists assume that the alleged American-Jewish conspiracy controls Muslim countries through proxies which the US arms and so is the Khomeinist empire in the Middle East organized as well. It may seem paradoxical that Islamists both view “the Jews” as the enemy and organize themselves on how they imagine that the phantasmatic “Jewish conspiracy” is organized. There is however a significant deficit in how intelligence agencies of liberal democracies understand and in fact severely underestimate the Islamist threat because it is still an emerging totalitarian threat and there is no Islamist superpower yet. Understanding the Judaeocentric Weltanschauung of the Islamist world is essential to understanding the Islamist threat. 

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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