Subconscious Racism is a Strategic Problem for Israel

Operation SIG is more active than ever worldwide although now managed by PA intelligence rather than by the KGB which founded Operation SIG. The propaganda discourses of Operation SIG are particularly insidious considering their reliance on subconscious racism against Jews and conscious, yet false universalism since it is based on deliberate racist discrimination within discourses, i.e. Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination.

Fighting overt Anti-Semitism is not nearly enough since hidden Anti-Semitism must be discredited as well. Anti-Semitism is not limited to openly Anti-Semitic statements but includes also statements that initially do not seem Anti-Semitic but are based on a implicit Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination. The person expressing the hidden Anti-Semitism may be someone who is generally not Anti-Semitic, yet has been duped by some propaganda claim promulgated by Operation SIG, now in the hands of Palestinian intelligence. 

The State of Israel needs to devise a comprehensive strategy for how to deal with subconscious racism. This is particularly sensitive when such hidden Anti-Semitism is expressed by friends of Israel. Since I have documented most Operation SIG propaganda discourses and published them on this website in deconstructed form would I suggest that Israeli officials use the examples I provide to preemptively explain to international interlocutors that particular claims originate in Operation SIG. The Israeli state should certainly fund and commission scientific studies and books on subconscious racism against Jews.

It must be emphasized that all discursive discrimination against Jews are Anti-Semitic. Other nations than the Jews are not subjected to systematic discursive discrimination by gigantic propaganda apparatuses aided by useful idiots. Discursive discrimination certainly occurs spontaneously in discourses around the world but no other nation is systematically targeted by deliberate racist discursive discrimination and therefore is all Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination Anti-Semitic, including discursive discrimination against the Jewish state because it is targeted for being Jewish.

The problem is highly complex and sensitive since most people (including Israelis) have been duped by at least some Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination which is highly insidious as its Anti-Semitic premise is usually hidden in carefully designed propaganda claims. Furthermore, Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination is not necessarily openly Anti-Zionist but may be disguised as seemingly legitimate criticism of Israel.

What will be required is an elaborate national strategy to unmask and discredit subconscious racism against Jews, including particularly when expressed by journalists and foreign diplomats. The total of insidiously discriminatory claims disseminated by Operation SIG numbers in the many thousands and so rebutting merely one claim is therefore wholly insufficient. The problem is huge since ordinary people cannot be expected to be experts in deconstruction as discriminatory statements must be unmasked by means of deconstruction before being discredited. I do not at this point pretend to have the entire solution but the best initial answer is probably to task geniuses within the Mossad to come up with a comprehensive strategy.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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