The New Agenda of the Derin Devlet

The upcoming visit by Israeli president Isaac Herzog to Ankara is a clear sign that the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus  has gained the upper hand in the power struggle with Muslim Brotherhood intelligence within the MIT (National Intelligence Organization) and other state organs. Turkish foreign policy has for long been under joint influence by AKP and the Derin Devlet through the Turkish military (TAF). Erdogan has been allowed to engage in various geopolitical adventures as long as Turkey’s alliance with the West has been maintained and relations with Israel have not been harmed beyond certain limitations on the formal diplomatic level. Derin Devlet through the military has multiple times in the past year ordered out Erdogan to say that Turkey desires normalization with Israel but Erdogan always publicly backtracked. This time however it is different and there is a rolling coup in Turkey as the Derin Devlet through the military is apparently progressively robbing Erdogan of his powers and turning him into a puppet.

Erdogan made a mistake in threatening that there will be “chaos” after the opposition wins the presidential and potentially also the parliamentary elections in June 2023. Erdogan overreached when he prepared for civil war and apparently genocide against Alevis and other Median Jews (including the Bektashi Sabbateans) in Turkey by means of SADAT and other Islamist paramilitary forces.

What then is the agenda of the Derin Devlet? Derin Devlet is the protector of the secular nature of Turkey but this ultimately serves the survival of the Sabbatean community and the Derin Devlet of course ever since the time of the ethnically Sabbatean Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is controlled by Sabbateans. Turkey has the largest population of Median Jews in the world and after Erdogan loses the presidential elections there will be no more obstacles to Median Jewish Aliyah (immigration) to Israel since no one will be able to prevent it. Sabbateans are Bektashis and thus themselves Median Jews.

However, the emigration of Median Jews to Israel will take place over some 25 years before all have left for Israel. This is so as the size of the Median Jewish population (estimated to be about 20 million) is such that they can only be integrated gradually and Turkey is a relatively economically developed country and emigrants from Turkey to Israel therefore will arrive with expectations of jobs and housing and will not make do with living in refugee camps unlike the Median Jews of Iraq and Iran who will be desperate to leave for Israel as soon as they physically can.

Therefore Turkey will need a different political system, either with an elected system void of any real electoral influence or more likely a ruthless military dictatorship. This is so as electoral support for the democratic camp in Turkish politics will increasingly drop as Median Jews emigrate to Israel. Such a system will certainly be necessary at least for as long as there are Median Jews left in Turkey who have not yet immigrated to Israel. The Derin Devlet will gradually be transformed into an Israeli intelligence agency as Sabbateans increasingly immigrate to Israel. With that will the priorities of the Derin Devlet shift, including potentially quite dramatically on the Kurdish and Zaza questions.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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