The World from the Perspective of Beijing

Beijing is in the phase of building itself up as a superpower economically, politically, militarily and technologically. How does Beijing relate to Washington? China is not really hostile towards America but is determined to overtake the United States as the only superpower. China has not yet reached the phase of territorial expansion and has no doubt carefully studied the case of Nazi Germany in learning how to not build an empire. Hitler overreached in overestimating Germany’s military strength and China is determined not to make the same mistake. China is surrounded to its north and west by vast thinly populated areas rich in natural resources and China would not be an empire if it did not covet them. China has expanded for thousands of years by means of Han colonization of neighboring lands of other peoples who are then gradually assimilated into Han civilization. At present Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia are subjected to intense Han colonization.

China is building an invincible military machine that no one will be able to defeat and America is not its main adversary, Russia is. Moscow of course is aware of China’s designs for Siberia and Beijing’s game of playing friends with Moscow. However, the Chinese invasion of Siberia is perhaps 20 years away. Western analysts tend to focus on the ostensible “personal motives” of President Putin in explaining the war in Ukraine when the real reason is to be found far to the east. Moscow is profoundly concerned about Beijing becoming a military superpower and understands that Moscow’s only way to match Beijing’s future economic strength that will back up a Chinese military machine far larger and stronger than the one today is to conquer Europe and harness its economic strength.

A coalition of America, Russia, Japan and an EU with its own unified military would have the capacity to defeat Chinese designs for Siberia and other thinly populated areas of Asia. China no doubt looks on amused as those powers show no signs of uniting against the Chinese threat. Meanwhile, the growth of the Chinese war machine continues unabated. 

While Beijing plays the friends game with Moscow, China is far more open about viewing Islam as an enemy in its persecution against Muslims in Xinjiang and oppressive policies against Muslims elsewhere in China as quite revealing of its expansionist designs on Muslim countries in continental Asia.

It is clear that Beijing operates according to a master plan spanning decades incorporating both economic and military expansion. The Chinese plan is not only to reach the Arctic Sea but the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea as well. Han civilization has expanded through colonization of lands of neighboring non-Han peoples for thousands of years and continues even today with the intensive Han colonization of Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. Not only Siberia but Central Asia, Iran and areas up to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean are clearly part of the Chinese plan for conquest and Han colonization. China is no doubt biding its time as its economic and military strength rapidly growths.

Beijing sees America being outcompeted by China as Beijing rightly views itself as having all the strong cards. China is too economically powerful to be targeted with comprehensive trade sanctions and America has little interest in fighting against China’s territorial expansion into Asia’s vast wastelands. America’s pivot to China appears to lack any substance and there are no efforts to encircle China in order to contain it so as to prevent Beijing from territorially expanding. From the perspective of Beijing, the world lies at the feet of China. The only great power committed to halting China’s planned territorial expansion is Russia, which understands that in order to match China’s military, Moscow must first conquer Europe and use its economic strength for the purpose of building Russian military power. 

The Americans appear completely unprepared for this gargantuan geostrategic challenge and the seemingly inevitable WWIII in Europe and WWIV in Asia. Joe Biden entered office with the ambition of engaging in “competition” with China and Russia when he should have instead endeavored to align with Russia against China. The Europeans apparently have no strategic planning at all and the European Union cannot even agree upon the founding of a unified European military. The EU is far larger in demographic size than Russia and would thus be able to build a military that would be far stronger than that of Russia. While Russia and China are assertive and planning for the future, the West is feckless with really weak leadership.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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