The Absence of US-Russian Diplomacy is Extremely Dangerous

The absence of diplomatic dialogue between the United States of America and the Russian Federation at a time when Europe is seriously threatened by WWIII and Russia plans to use tactical nuclear weapons to kick out the Americans from Europe in order to conquer Europe is profoundly dangerous. For President Biden to ratchet up the rhetoric and refer to President Putin as a “thug” effectively closes the door to diplomacy and is profoundly irresponsible and recklessly endangers the lives of American servicepersons in Europe and the lives of servicepersons of America’s NATO allies.

The Biden administration prides itself on prioritizing diplomacy but this does not appear to be the case vis-a-vis Russia where instead the American president engages in careless rhetoric which only guarantees that we tragically will not be able to avoid WWIII in Europe. President Biden is on the record of being afraid of WWIII with Russia and so it is highly peculiar that he is closing the very diplomatic avenues that could serve to prevent WWIII in Europe and the tragic loss of the lives of innumerable American servicepersons. Indeed, this is the time for diplomacy. There is a precious window of opportunity before Putin attacks Poland with tactical nuclear weapons and then invades the country leading to the subsequent Russian invasions of Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Yet, the leader of the free world appears asleep at the wheel in refusing to recognize that Russia’s motivations for invading Ukraine are not the slightest “thuggish” or otherwise irrational but are in fact completely rational as Russia must conquer Europe in order to become a superpower once more so as to become able to defend Siberia (and Central Asia) against a future Chinese military that will be several times larger than at present as conquering the resource-rich and thinly populated Siberia and Central Asia is completely irresistible for the perpetually colonizing Han China. No other rational explanation for the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been put forward and so it is essential to recognize that Russia remains a highly rational actor and not relying on misplaced pseudo-psychiatric demonizations of President Putin which are done by those who simply do not understand why the invasion was undertaken.

Rather, diplomacy is now absolutely imperative. Nevertheless, trying to resolve the Ukrainian question without simultaneously tackling the future Chinese threat against Siberia, by means of building an Asian defense alliance that would encircle China, will certainly not be successful and is absolutely futile. Russia’s new threat to cancel the diplomatic relations with the United States should be taken seriously as this is no doubt part of the preparation for war against NATO. Russia has only deployed a small part of its military in Ukraine in preparation for the larger battle against the United States and the rest of NATO. The Russian notification that they intend to break off diplomatic relations with the United States is deeply worrying as this strongly suggests that Russia does not intend to wait with invading Poland until they have conquered Ukraine. Conquering Ukraine first was most likely the original war plan but it turns out that in order to win in Ukraine, Russia will need to defeat NATO first. This is so as Russia realizes that NATO intends to fight a proxy war in Ukraine and Russia has no intention to play that game. Russia’s notification that it intends to sever its diplomatic relations with the United States thus suggests that the Russian invasion of Poland will not take place from Western Ukraine as originally intended by Moscow but rather from Belarus.

There is not much time left for American diplomacy to build an Asian defense alliance encircling China as Beijing is the real threat that threatens Siberia and Mother Russia at large in the long term. President Biden would be particularly well-advised to control his tongue in public and use all remaining diplomatic time to make every effort to avoid WWIII in Europe and WWIV in Asia.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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