The West Should Hasten Ukraine’s Victory

The ZSU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) have exposed the Russian military as incompetent, corrupt and unmotivated. It is important to further demoralize the Russian side by hastening its defeat in Ukraine. While it is true that Russia has incrementally made tactical territorial gains, primarily in southern Ukraine, the ZSU has been winning strategically all along by increasingly strategically defeating the Russian war machine. 

Convincing Moscow that it cannot win in Ukraine is imperative because it will create an understanding in the Kremlin that Russia is unable to defeat Europe because of the miserable state of the Russian military forces. The war in Ukraine is merely the opening shot in an intended much larger military campaign to conquer Europe from Poland to Ireland. The purpose is to build up Russia as a superpower so that Moscow will be able to defend Mother Russia against the looming Chinese threat against Siberia. This threat of course is not imminent (it is most likely at least some 20 years away) and Moscow and Beijing are playing the friends game for now, each for their own reasons. However, by defeating Russia in Ukraine can Moscow be convinced that it must turn east and help form an Asian defense alliance with the United States that would encircle China and deter future Chinese territorial expansionism. 

Of course there is the clear and present danger that Russia will use a significant number of its tactical nuclear weapons to target military bases of NATO nations in Europe but even that cannot compensate for the ineptitude of the Russian conventional forces. The West needs to tell its defense industry to prepare for massive production funded by NATO governments. While the US government may not want to officially admit it, what we see in Ukraine is effectively a NATO proxy war with Russia as Ukrainian defenses are highly dependent on NATO nations delivering weapons that allow the ZSU to destroy large numbers of Russian tanks and aircraft.

The West needs to internalize that investing vast resources in arming the ZSU with sophisticated weaponry is a very effective policy in preventing WWIII in Europe. To proclaim that Ukraine’s cause is ours is not merely a nice thing to say but a concrete expression of national self-interest of Western nations. Ukraine’s survival as an independent nation and its ability to prevail in the war against Russia is directly connected to the determination of the question as to whether there will be a WWIII in Europe. If the Russian military leadership and President Putin can be convinced that its endeavor to conquer Europe will inevitably fail then we can surely avoid WWIII after all.

It is not enough to merely deliver weapons from existing military stockpiles of NATO nations, the Western defense industry needs to be prepared to mass produce weapons (including offensive ones) for the ZSU to be paid for by Western governments. Heavily arming the ZSU is an investment in Western national security, in the prevention of war and in the maintenance of peace. The sooner this is done the better. It is in the West’s interest that the war in Ukraine becomes as short as possible and the way to achieve that is by rapidly, heavily arming the ZSU with sophisticated weaponry of many different kinds. There is literally no time to waste unless we want to prolong this war with its immense human suffering.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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