Every Inch of Ukrainian Territory

The US government has since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine famously rhetorically committed to the defense of “every inch of NATO territory”. The US policy in defense of Ukraine has been more ambiguous and which aims at “slowing down the Russian advance”. However at one point the Ukrainians decided to go on the offensive in the northern Ukraine, something which actually resulted in a major tactical withdrawal of all Russian forces from the northern part of the country. While this was a tactical redeployment aimed at concentrating on a major offensive in the Donbas, this nevertheless shows that the Russians can be relatively easily defeated. Indeed, the Donbas offensive backed up by the full might of the Russian army also came to naught. The Russian invaders were defeated once more. US strategic objectives in Ukraine must become distinctly more ambitious in setting the sights on the full restoration of peace in Ukraine through a complete and unconditional Russian withdrawal from all occupied territories. This is realistic, feasible, possible and achievable. The armament of Ukraine must be ambitious, complete and comprehensive. Defeating Russia and safely bringing Ukraine into the Western family is a key US and EU interest. Russia is desperately trying to frighten the West as if a nuclear World War III were somehow in the interest of Moscow. 

Russia did not miscalculate when they invaded Ukraine, as they made a cynical calculation that they needed to conquer Europe and become a superpower in order to become able to defend Siberia against a much larger future Chinese military. Indeed, they made a purely rational calculation, however they certainly miscalculated on the incompetence, corruption and low morale, indeed utter weakness of their own armed forces. Nevertheless, they were not alone in this miscalculation since they were universally joined in this spectacular misjudgment by virtually all non-Ukrainian military analysts around the world. 

The US government would be particularly well-advised to firmly commit to a policy of fully assisting the Ukrainian government reclaim “every inch of Ukrainian territory”. Only thus will peace be restored in Europe.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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