Putin Must be Humiliated to Change Course

There are voices coming out of Europe claiming that Russian president Vladimir Putin must be saved from “humiliation” in order to protect the potential for a negotiated solution. Nothing could be more wrong, in contrast what is required is a comprehensive military defeat for Moscow in Ukraine whereby the last Russian soldier is kicked out from Ukrainian soil in order to prevent war between NATO and Russia. First the war on Ukraine is not a border dispute, Russia intends to conquer the entire Ukraine, second this is just a prelude to conquering the rest of Europe from Poland to Ireland as Moscow wants to once more become a superpower in order to become able to defend Siberia against China. If Putin succeeds in conquering Ukraine then the European Union is next. Third, the Western strategy of obtaining a stalemate and subsequently a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine is severely misguided. Neither Russia nor Ukraine will accept this but will keep on fighting no matter what. Russia wants to conquer the entire Ukraine and then move on westwards and Ukraine in contrast wants to liberate every inch of occupied territory. As far as Putin is concerned World War III already started and the only way to make him call it off is to severely humiliate him in Ukraine. Once the last Russian soldier has departed Ukraine then the war will be over and so will Russia’s ambitions for conquering the European Union. This means that Russia will have to devise an alternative strategy of finding allies for surrounding and containing China to deter and defend against China’s bold future plans for conquering thinly populated areas of Asia and beyond for Han colonization. Rather, defeating Russia in Ukraine and humiliating Putin personally is the only way to prevent World War III in Europe. Alas, Europe is strategically asleep when it should urgently be building a unified EU military. This reminds of the situation in the 1930’s when Europe was unaware of Hitler’s plans for WWII and did absolutely nothing to prevent it. The problem that Europe must wake up to is that NATO does not actually deter Russia and so in order to deter Russia and prevent WWIII it is absolutely essential to not only comprehensively defeat Russia in Ukraine but also to build a unified European military. There is no time to lose.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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