China’s Program for World Conquest

Han civilization has expanded through colonization for thousands of years and this is still happening in Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. China has for the past decades been involved in a process of intense armament to build the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) into the world’s largest and absolutely invincible military force. What is the purpose of this intense armament? China undoubtedly intends to conquer thinly populated areas in Asia and beyond which it intends to colonize with hundreds of millions of Han people. What then are those areas? First it is Mongolia, the entire Russia, Central Asia, Iran and the Asian Middle East up to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, including Arabia. Furthermore, it is the entire Oceania including New Zealand, Australia as well as thinly populated parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. China intends to control the resource-rich Arctic region including not only Russia but China also intends to annex and colonize Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Alaska, Greenland and possibly Ireland. China understands that it missed out on the era of European colonization but from China’s perspective colonialism is far from over as evidenced by China’s contemporary policies of colonization in Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. Moscow is hyper-aware of Beijing’s colonialist ambitions; it is however yet somewhat unclear as to how aware the rest of the world is as to China’s global territorial ambitions.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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