Liberalization in North and East Syria

The AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) is nominally a one-party state run by the PYD (Democratic Union Party) with socialist libertarianism as its official ideology. In practice however, does the AANES have free and fair elections with freedom of expression and its de facto official ideology is feminism which permeates all aspects of life in NES (North and East Syria). When the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), the army of the AANES, liberates new areas, do they set up new village councils based on gender equality with equal participation for men and women and train men and women in gender equality as part of the anti-terrorist effort. 

What is the AANES up to? AANES is a regime of liberal guided democracy which implements a carefully managed process of liberalization that paves the way for much later introduction of liberal democracy. The question of the Israeli presence in NES is a sensitive ona but the AANES is closely allied with Jerusalem and American Jewish organizations advocate for the interests of the AANES in Washington. Just as there is a triangular Israel-US-KRG relationship so is there a triangular Israel-US-AANES relationship. While there has been substantial Islamization in the Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI) due to the extensive activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in recent decades is liberalization making rapid progress in the NES. In fact, feminist liberalization in NES should be a model for other predominantly Muslim countries since it does not leave space for Islamism and Islamization. Other predominantly Muslim countries would therefore be particularly well-advised to study the AANES feminist model to learn how to successfully liberalize society with democratic methods as feminism systematically undermines the very basis of Islamism.

The feminist AANES model is well-proven and ready for implementation throughout Syria. There is no question that a PYD-run Syria will be a good and peaceful neighbor of Israel, Turkey and Syria’s other neighbors and a PYD-run Syria will bring stability to the entire region.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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