Whither al-Ba’ath

There were once two Ba’ath-controlled states, but the Ba’ath party was unseated from power in Iraq in 2003 and so the only remaining Ba’ath state is Syria. Yet, Syria is more akin to a pseudo-monarchy run by a a relatively small number of members from a Crypto-Jewish sect who outwardly pretend to be Anti-Semites and are allied with the Holocaust-denying, Anti-Semitic, genocidal regime in Tehran. The “socialism” and “Pan-Arabism” of the Ba’ath Party is also complete hypocrisy nowadays which no one in the leadership genuinely believes in. The Ba’ath party is in effect an empty shell without any sincere ideology whatsoever. 

And now there is the very real threat of complete and utter military defeat and political implosion at the hands of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces).

The regime has no real friends and very few allies and the allies are not coming to its rescue militarily. Iran is betting on Hezbollah to sabotage the SDF military victory in Lebanon and Syria and probably has little faith in the Assad regime nowadays in realizing that they are after all Jews. The Jewish Assad regime’s alliance with the Anti-Semitic Khomeinist regime is an abject anomaly and an holdover since the time – not so many years ago – when the Alawites were unaware of being Jewish. The question should even be asked if Iran is even sacrificing Syria in unleashing Hezbollah against Israel? After all, Syria has a Jewish government and Iran is an Anti-Semitic regime.

It is most clear that the Syrian regime despite having won the civil war is ideologically ripe for implosion. Is the Crypto-Jewish Syrian government ready to make the leap from its misalignment with the Anti-Semitic Khomeinist regime to merger with Israel? This is the real question. In the end, the regime may not have that much choice as the only alternative is utter defeat at the battlefield at the hands of the IDF and the SDF and the complete loss of everything. In any case will the Ba’ath party which has been in power since 1963 lose power in Syria as the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) will become the new internationally recognized government in Damascus after the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) jointly liberate Syria and Lebanon following Hezbollah’s massive missile barrages against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities after Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program. 

President Bashar al-Assad has apparently not yet completely internalized that it’s game over. Once he does, will he draw the consequences and act accordingly and negotiate a diplomatic agreement to peacefully partition Syria between Israel and the AANES? With enough diplomatic efforts, this could become reality rather than a tragic war with potentially tens of thousands of casualties that can only end in complete and utter defeat for the SAA (Syrian Arab Army). In short, there is no future for the Ba’ath party and the game is up. What now remains is for members of the Ba’ath elite – Alawites and non-Alawites alike – to  focus on concluding an agreement with Israel that will grant them immunity for crimes committed while in office while protecting their property rights. No one believes in the ideology of al-Ba’ath so there is nothing left to ideologically defend or fight for. 

A new Levant with Israel annexing Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon, establishing a Christian Aramean state as the successor state to Lebanon and the AANES-led Syria annexing the remainder of Lebanon will be a more hopeful region although no doubt the Jihadist Hezbollah insurgency will continue as does the Jihadist ISIL insurgency. The Ba’ath ideology is however completely dead.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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