Resolving the Palestinian Refugee Question

With a partition of the northern Levant involving the establishment of a Christan Aramean state as the successor state to Lebanon and the Israeli annexation of the Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon, all following a joint IDF-SDF liberation of Syria and Lebanon subsequent to mass Hezbollah missile barrages against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities in revenge for the Israeli destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program will there be major changes to the region. The partition of Syria and Lebanon will demographically enable Israel to redeem and enfranchise the entire Judea and Samaria after the Israeli annexation of 4 million Median Jews (Alawites and Druze) in Syria and Lebanon. This in turn will make it politically possible for Jordan to annex Gaza in granting Jordanian citizenship to all Gazans, including Palestinian descendants of ex-refugees.

The new Syria under the leadership of the PYD (Democratic Union Party) will annex the remainder of Lebanon and grant citizenship to Palestinian descendants of ex-refugees in extended Syria, including annexed former parts of Lebanon. Palestinian descendants of ex-refugees in Judea and Samaria will be enfranchised along with other Palestinians in Judea and Samaria. The so called question of Palestinian refugees will in effect be resolved. There are in practice no longer any Palestinian refugee camps which have long since been dismantled and replaced by new cities with multi-storey cement buildings although these are still wrongly referred to as so-called “refugee camps”. A war of liberation in Syria and Lebanon will be a gamechanger as it will in effect put an end to historical conflicts throughout the region although low intensity Jihadist insurgencies by ISIL and Hezbollah no doubt will continue for many years to come.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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