Assad is a Traitor

Bashar al-Assad and his coterie of Alawite turncoats are now all well aware that Alawism is a form of Crypto-Judaism and that they themselves are in fact Jewish by religion, ethnicity and nationality. Yet they insist on being aligned with the Khomeinist forces of totalitarian religious imperialism against their own indigenous nation and people. Since no one believes in Ba’athism anymore, the inevitable conclusion is that the Ba’athist regime is all about the power of its dictator and his henchmen. This is very tragic indeed. The so-called “Alawite regime” has become an oppressor of its own people, victims who have become scapegoats for the crimes of the regime. There is no logic in the Alawite regime’s hostility against Israel and the regime’s alliance with state Khomeinism since the Tehran wants secular Syria to become subjugated to its Islamist rule as well. This is clearly not in the interest of the Jewish Alawite people. Assad and his collaborators are not only Alawite turncoats who promote Islamization of the Alawites – who are not Muslims but adhere to Alawism, one of eight denominations of core Median Judaism – but Assad and his coterie have effectively become enemies of the Alawite people and of all Median Jews in Syria.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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