There is No Logic in Iran Returning to the JCPOA

Tehran claims that it will return to “negotiations” with the US and with the rest of the P5+1 on November 29, 2021. No one knows whether there will actually be any negotiations in Vienna and if there are then these talks will surely be devoid of any substance since Tehran’s tactic is to delay and to buy time until Israel attacks the Iranian nuclear weapons program, something which can be expected in 2023. It is possible that Tehran feels a political need to sometimes pretend to “negotiate” so as to avoid UN sanctions. However, if Iran is interested in going back to the JCPOA framework, then why are they accelerating advanced uranium enrichment, something that is banned under the JCPOA? If Tehran is acting in good faith as is assumed by parts of the international community, then why have Iran refused to participate in negotiations in Vienna since June 2021? If Iran were to return to the JCPOA then all its enrichment efforts would be for nothing since it would all have to be reversed. From the perspective of the regime there is no logic in returning to the JCPOA since any agreement with the US would surely be abrogated by the next Republican administration which no doubt would swiftly reimpose comprehensive sanctions against Iran.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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