Dual Tracks for Alevi Freedom

Israel fears officially recognizing Alevis and other Median Jews as Jewish and eligible for immigration to Israel due the concern that the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Crypto-Islamist AKP regime will impose severe obstacles to Alevi and other Median Jewish Aliyah (immigration) to Israel. This is a well-founded fear as Erdogan does not want Alevis and other Median Jews to leave for Israel as he is bent on exterminating Alevis and other Median Jews once he gets the opportunity. He currently cannot do so due to the position of significant political influence of the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus. Turkey’s approximately 100 000 Sabbateans (there are no statistics available) are themselves Bektashis (one of eight denominations of core Median Judaism) and are on the very top of Erdogan’s Anti-Semitic and genocidal kill list due to the Sabbatean control over the Derin Devlet since the time of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938), himself a Sabbatean from Thessaloniki, now Greece, who was educated in a Sabbatean parochial school in the city. (All pre-academic education was parochial in the Ottoman Empire and pre-academic students received parochial education in schools of their own respective denomination.)

There are two main scenarios for Israel opening its gates to Alevi and other Median Jewish immigration from Turkey: 

1. The first scenario requires sustained quiet Western diplomatic economic pressure on Turkey with the firm message that the West (the EU, the US and others) will impose comprehensive economic sanctions on Turkey should the Erdogan regime place significant obstacles in the way of Alevi and other Median Jewish Aliyah from Turkey to Israel. Israel needs to be confident prior to announcing that Alevis and other Median Jews are Jewish that Erdogan understands that he cannot stop Alevi and other Median Jewish Aliyah as the West would effectively shut down Turkey’s economy if he does.

2. The second scenario involves Alevi and other Median Jewish Aliyah from Turkey having to wait until after the June 2023 presidential and parliamentary elections which the unpopular Erdogan and his ruling AK party are expected to lose. This scenario is more risky as the Crypto-Islamist Erdogan is expected to try start a civil war in Turkey so as to create conditions amenable for genocide against Sabbateans, Alevis and other Median Jews and himself asserting full control over the country so as to impose Sharia law and restore the Caliphate.

There is no doubt that the first scenario is preferable since it is less risky in terms of potential genocide. Once Erdogan accepts that Alevis and other Median Jews will be able to immigrate to Israel without Erdogan putting obstacles in the way will the risk of genocide in Turkey abate. It is also strongly desirable that Alevis and other Median Jews in Turkey are allowed to immigrate to Israel as soon as possible so as to help resolve the Palestinian issue by Israel redeeming and enfranchising the entire Judea and Samaria. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan would subsequently be more than happy to annex Gaza.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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