Opposition to Israeli Self-Defense is Anti-Semitic

In medieval times were rabbinic Jews in both Islamdom and Christendom unlike gentiles prohibited from bearing arms. The only way Jews could defend themselves was for wealthy Jews to hire armed gentile guards. This lingering medieval Anti-Jewish prejudice is the reason why many government effectively negate Israel’s right to self-defense. The fact that Jews now defend themselves and do so well while causing some accidental collateral damage in the process is considered shocking to many in the international community who are blinded by this medieval prejudice according to which it is somehow “illegitimate” for Jews to defend themselves by all legally allowed means available.

The demand that Israel exercises “maximum restraint” is however of different origin and it is deliberately designed to deny Israel strategic victory. Although not Anti-Semitic is this certainly not friendly advice. It has been US policy since 1973 to prematurely end Israel’s wars and deny Israel strategic victory. The US needs to reconsider and internalize that Israeli strategic victory is indeed conducive to regional stability. In the past has the US determined that Israel is not capable of attaining strategic victory and the US has therefore moved to prematurely end Israel’s wars in the interest of regional stability. The upcoming regional war as expected in 2023 is different however as Israel as in 1967 is fully capable of and indeed has no choice but to attain strategic victory.

It is difficult for Israel during the war in the midst of intense global criticism to tell international leaders that opposition to Jewish self-defense is inherently Anti-Semitic. Therefore Israel needs to explain this now to its diplomatic interlocutors around the world.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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