Iran’s Threat to Destroy Israel must be Taken Seriously

Iran regularly threatens to destroy Israel after Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran does not possess nuclear weapons and although Hezbollah possesses 150 000 rockets and missiles, Iran is currently not capable of destroying Israel. Why then at this stage is Iran threatening to destroy Israel? Iran has the capacity to cause very serious damage to Israel by ordering Hezbollah to launch rockets and missiles with chemical warheads against Israeli cities. In fact, Iran has the capacity to cause a large number of Halabja massacres in cities throughout Israel. There is no question that Iran intends to use chemical weapons against Israeli cities considering that Iran threatens to destroy Israel as revenge for Israel destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program. 

A crucial lesson from the long and tragic history of the Jewish people is that those who seek to destroy the Jews must be taken seriously. Iran means what they say and they will no doubt act upon their own genocidal declarations. 

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system will relatively speaking prove ineffective in the upcoming war with Hezbollah, Hamas and PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) since these Jihadist terrorist organizations can be expected to overwhelm the Iron dome by launching far more rockets and missiles than the Iron Dome is capable of shooting down. Therefore it can be expected that many projectiles with chemical warheads will land in Israeli cities and cause even tens of thousands of Israeli civilian deaths. This is what Iran threatens to do when they say that they will destroy Israel in retaliation for Israel attacking the Iranian nuclear weapons program. They can be trusted to act upon their own threats.

During a recent exercise of the Israeli home front command, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) officially trained for Hezbollah chemical weapons attacks along the border with Lebanon. The Israeli government has not yet informed the Israeli public of Iran’s intention to order Hezbollah to launch projectiles with chemical warheads against Israeli cities and this deferral is designed to not produce public panic which potentially could lead to significant emigration from the state.

Israel finds itself in a very difficult situation where 1) on the one hand it has no choice but to completely destroy the projectile threat by eliminating the Jihadist terrorist organizations of Hamas, Hezbollah and PIJ down to the last Jihadist and 2) on the other hand Iran is perfectly aware of the nature of this strategic escalation and knows that there is no point in tactically holding back the launch of projectiles as these Jihadist terrorist organizations in Iran’s view should unleash their entire accumulated stockpiles of rockets and missiles against urban Israel in order to cause maximum damage to Israeli cities. This unfortunately highly realistic apocalyptic scenario will also no doubt involve projectiles with chemical warheads being launched against Israel cities.

The calculation of Iran is to cause massive carnage in Israel and significant economic damage to Israel to a degree that will strategically hurt the Israeli economy, deter foreign investments and potentially cause significant Israeli Jewish emigration to other countries.

There is no doubt that Iran has attempted genocide in mind when it threatens to destroy Israel after Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The worst threat of course comes from Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria and Israel will have little to no choice but to launch a strategic operation together with the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) of the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) in order to destroy Hezbollah and its Lebanese and Syrian regime patrons which are fully intertwined with Hezbollah. Israel will need to establish an Aramean Christian state (Aram), annex the Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon and let an AANES-controlled Syria annex the remainder of Lebanon. All border changes would take place strictly as per international law through a trilateral international agreement between Jerusalem and the new governments in Beirut and Damascus as subsequent to the war.

The threat that Israel faces is such that Israel cannot let Hezbollah remain in place and allow it to attempt to destroy Israel a second time. The threat from Hamas and PIJ is also growing with Hamas and PIJ already having tens of thousands of rockets and missiles in comparison with Hezbollah’s stockpile of approximately 150 000 projectiles.

The international community must understand the severity of the strategic threat that Israel faces from the three Jihadist terrorist organizations and their intention to cause a second 9/11 against the city of Tel Aviv (Israel’s economic capital) and other Israeli cities. While occupying the entire Lebanon for months and giving air support to the SDF in taking over Syria may sound radical to many ears in the international community, it is entirely proportionate to the strategic threat that Israel faces from these Jihadist terrorist organizations. What else should Israel do? Israel must fight to win strategically and must destroy the Jihadist terrorist organizations of Hamas, Hezbollah and PIJ which are all proxies of Iran.

According to the recent home front exercise by the IDF, Israeli hospitals will become overwhelmed with injured civilians under a scenario where Hezbollah would launch 2 000 missiles a day. Imagine then if Israel is attacked with 10 000 to 20 000 projectiles a day and that a large number of projectiles will have chemical warheads leading to vast numbers of Israeli civilians injured by chemical weapons and in need of urgent medical treatment. The Iron Dome missile defense system will no doubt be able to shoot down many projectiles but the system will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of projectiles in both the southern and the northern military theaters.

Let’s be clear that Israel faces a threat of genocidal proportions as deliberately murdering tens of thousands of Israeli civilians with chemical weapons certainly qualifies as genocide. Israel has no choice but to respond proportionally and that no doubt will include eliminating the three Jihadist terrorist organizations of Hamas, Hezbollah and PIJ down to the very last Jihadists hiding underground in the military tunnel systems created in Gaza and Lebanon on direction from the strategic planners of the IRGC.

This war cannot be ended prematurely as Israel must indeed attain strategic victory and utterly defeat the Jihadist enemy. It is essential that Israel explains this very reality to the international community and elaborates on its military plans in both the southern and the northern military theaters and the level of civilian casualties that can be statistically expected on the side of the enemy as accidental collateral damage indeed. Rooting out these three Jihadist terrorist organizations will not look pretty and will certainly not be bloodless as Israel will lose soldiers and the civilian casualty rate on the Israeli home front will be devestating. 

This is the price Israel will pay for being determined to ensure national survival in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat. Israel must also explain that it has no choice but to retaliate with nuclear weapons against the Iranian clerical capital of Qom for genocidal Iranian chemical weapons attacks against Israeli cities. Israel has lost its deterrent posture against Iran and has no choice but to restore its deterrence by deploying nuclear weapons against Qom. Iran does not think Israel that will dare to attack Qom with nuclear weapons as Muslim Anti-Semites tend to think that Jews are inherent cowards.

However, this is precisely the kind of scenario for which Israel developed nuclear weapons. An Israeli defensive nuclear attack against Qom will be difficult to stomach for the international community which therefore must make every conceivable diplomatic effort in advance to persuade Tehran not to attack Israel with chemical weapons and they must do so now. Nevertheless, the international community knows what to expect and major war in the Middle East is unavoidable. However, Israel’s anticipated attack against the Iranian nuclear weapons program should not be expected until at the earliest in the summer of 2023 after the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey. 

The international community in general and the United States in particular need to internalize that it is certainly not in the interest of regional stability to try to prematurely end the war in the Levant since ending the war prematurely would only lead to yet more Jihadist terrorist wars with genocidal intent against the world’s only Jewish state.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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