Hezbollah is Becoming an Existential Threat Against Israel

Hezbollah is becoming an existential threat against Israel. The Jihadist terrorist organization already possesses 150 000 rockets and missiles, all intended to hit Israeli cities, cause maximum carnage and lead to as much physical devestation as possible. Hezbollah also possesses chemical weapons which it no doubt intends to use to perpetrate many Halabjas throughout urban Israel. 

Iran, Lebanon and Syria are all state sponsors of the Hezbollah Jihadist terrorist organization and their respective state apparatuses are fully intertwined with Hezbollah. 

Israel has no choice but to destroy the Hezbollah terrorist organization down to eliminating the last Jihadist terrorist. Should Israel wait in doing that until Hezbollah actually becomes an actual existential threat? The projectile and chemical weapons buildup of Hezbollah as engineered by the IRGC is intended to destroy Israel and its Jewish population. Waiting to eliminate Hezbollah until it becomes an existential threat (it already poses a strategic threat) would be the height of irresponsibility.

The problem for Israel with Hezbollah is that it has significant strategic depth since it is fully backed up by the Lebanese and Syrian states. In the case of Lebanon, does Hezbollah actually control the Lebanese military and the Lebanese state to such a degree that Israel should classify any attack by Hezbollah against Israel as an attack by the Lebanese state itself. 

If Israel does not destroy Hezbollah in due time will Hezbollah attain the capability to destroy Israel and its Jewish population and that is indeed the ultimate purpose of Hezbollah’s vast buildup of projectiles and chemical weapons.

Hezbollah is a proxy for the Khomeinist regime in Tehran and thus a tool for its ambition to “annihilate Israel”. This is the very raison d’être of Hezbollah. It is not possible to destroy Hezbollah without also implementing regime change in Beirut and Damascus. This is a fact since Hezbollah forces maintain a significant presence in both countries and whose militaries and intelligence apparatuses are completely intertwined with Hezbollah.

Israel must eliminate Hezbollah when the Jihadist terrorist organization attacks Israel after Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program, something which is to be expected only in 2023. 

The international community needs to internalize that the upcoming war in Israel’s northern theater as expected in 2023 is a fight for Israel’s very existence against the genocidal designs of Khomeinist Hezbollah. 

Israel has no choice but to destroy Hezbollah and effect regime change in Lebanon and Syria. This may be difficult to accept for the international community but Israel literally has no choice in this matter. This is a question of Israeli national survival.

Luckily for Israel, destroying Hezbollah is absolutely feasible as is effecting regime change in Beirut and Damascus. A joint IDF-SDF operation to liberate Syria and Lebanon is absolutely essential to Israel’s very national survival against the genocidal designs of the forces of Khomeinism. Israel would establish an Aramean Christian state (Aram), annex Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon and let an AANES-controlled Syria annex the remainder of Lebanon. The changes in borders would only be made after the war through a trilateral peace agreement between Jerusalem and the new governments in Beirut and Damascus. Annexing Median Jewish regions of Syria and Lebanon is the only way for Israel to free the Median Jews of those countries since the Anti-Zionist Syrian and Lebanese regimes would not let their Median Jewish minorities emigrate to Israel.

Such a war would establish perpetual peace in Israel’s northern theater although there would be a continued conflict to some degree between the defeated Hezbollah and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces). The SDF is however experienced and skilled at fighting Jihadist insurgency, it already defeated ISIL and continues to successfully fight the ISIL insurgency against the SDF of the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria). 

Then you may ask, would not the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) attack the SDF and invade the AANES were the SDF to wage war to liberate Syria from Ba’athism and Khomeinism? The Erdogan regime would long ago have conquered the entire NES (North and East Syria) from the SDF were Erdogan in full control of the TAF. However, Erdogan is not since the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus remains in strategic control of the Turkish state (including the TAF) despite Erdogan’s elected dictatorship. The Derin Devlet is aligned with Israel and would not allow the TAF to sabotage the Israel-aligned AANES’s war to liberate Syria. Therefore, a joint IDF-SDF operation would not lead to a wider conflict involving Turkish intervention in Syria. The Derin Devlet is well aware that the AANES does not threaten Turkey as the SDF has never attacked Turkish territory.

Israel has no choice but to launch a joint strategic operation with the SDF to end Hezbollah and its patrons in the northern Levant. The international community should show understanding that Israel acts already in 2023 and does not wait with destroying Hezbollah until the Jihadist terrorist organization becomes an existential threat against the Jewish state and its Jewish population. This is a war that will establish peace for Israel and its northern neighbors, a worthy cause no doubt.

The Lebanese state and its military are controlled by Hezbollah. In effect, Lebanon has ceased to exist and Hezbollahstan has taken its place within the very same borders. The only thing that remains in Hezbollah’s takeover of Lebanon is for Hezbollah to declare Lebanon a Twelver Islamist state and enforce the Khomeinist version of Sharia law on all its citizens. 

It is not known at what point the IRGC intends to complete the Iranian takeover of Lebanon by declaring it an Islamic state. However, what is clear is that the strategic threat in Israel’s northern theater is growing by the day as the IRGC-directed Hezbollah grows its arsenal of rockets, missiles and chemical weapons all the time.

Israel must take action to defeat this strategic threat before it becomes an existential threat.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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