Erdogan and the Derin Devlet

The Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus in Turkey has roots in the Young Turks regime, some of whose members were Sabbateans. The Young Turks originated in the then Ottoman city of Thessaloniki (now in Greece) which was also the center of the Sabbatean subdenomination of the Bektashi order, one of nine denominations of core Median Judaism. The founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, was born in Thessaloniki and was educated in a Sabbatean school in Thessaloniki at a time when everyone in the Ottoman Empire attended their own parochial schools.

The Derin Devlet is comparable to other modern sectarian regime entities in the Middle East such as the Alawite regime in Syria and like the Syrian regime is the Derin Devlet preoccupied with both community survival and perpetuation of power. The Sabbatean comrades of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk were his power base in his audacious quest to transform Turkey from religious backwater to a secular modern state and they became the Derin Devlet. The introduction of secularism and the suppression of public expressions of Islam were clearly in the interest of the Crypto-Jewish Sabbatean community in order to protect it from hegemonic political Islam.

Erdogan has been in power since 2003 and has succeeded in introducing some Islamization but overall does the state – including the military – remain secular. There is an intense power struggle between between the Derin Devlet and Muslim Brotherhood intelligence as they compete for recruiting government employees as both intelligence agencies operate clandestinely within the MIT, the National Intelligence Organization. 

It is unclear when the Derin Devlet became aligned with Israel, but relations between rabbinic Jews and Sabbateans were historically not good and it may be that the historical rediscovery less than a decade ago of core Median Judaism may have prompted the Derin Devlet to align with the Mossad. Why is this so? Sabbateans were historically perceived by rabbinic Jews to be turncoats who had become Muslims. Sabbateans are however Bektashis and as other Bektashis do they outwardly pretend to be Muslims. The revolutionary insight that Bektashis are fully Jewish means that Sabbateans will be allowed to immigrate to Israel once Median Jews are officially recognized as Jewish by the Israeli government with full Jewish immigration rights. This means that the Derin Devlet has developed a greater sensitivity towards the promotion of Israeli interests.

The MIT itself is therefore the main arena for the power struggle between the Derin Devlet and Muslim Brotherhood intelligence. While the MIT is nominally under the control of Erdogan, there is in practice very significant Derin Devlet power within the MIT. Erdogan and the Derin Devlet have however a common interest in giving the appearance of all power being in the hands of Erdogan. The Derin Devlet has nevertheless made many mistakes in effectively allowing Erdogan and Muslim Brotherhood intelligence to entrench and expand their influence over the state.

How does the Derin Devlet exercise political power in Turkey? It does so through civil servants and military officers who are recruited agents of the Derin Devlet although they believe themselves to be agents of the MIT. If Erdogan tries to implement something that the Derin Devlet opposes then Derin Devlet controlled civil servants and military officers refuse to implement instructions from Erdogan. The Derin Devlet uses the military to convey messages to Erdogan and the AKP government. These messages vary from strong suggestions to absolute orders where defiance would have severe consequences. 

Erdogan from time to time makes pronouncements about wanting to normalize Turkey’s diplomatic relations with Israel, i.e. exchanging ambassadors. This never materializes but there is apparently repeated pressure from the Derin Devlet through the military to bring normalcy to Turkish-Israeli relations. Recently, Erdogan announced that ten Western ambassadors (including the ambassador of the United States) would be expelled from Turkey. However, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs had apparently refused to notify those countries so Erdogan conveyed the information through a press conference. In the end, they were never expelled because the Derin Devlet would not allow it. The Derin Devlet cherishes Turkey’s alliance with the West while Erdogan has no interest in Turkey being aligned with the West.

What will be the future of Turkey? Erdogan absolutely refuses to allow Turkish Median Jewry to emigrate to Israel and prefers civil war and/or Western economic sanctions to passively enabling this absolute triumph for Zionism. The June 2023 presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey are a crucial event and most observers believe that Erdogan and the AKP will lose those elections. If Erdogan loses the 2023 elections will he try to instigate chaos and even civil war in order to commit genocide against Turkey’s very large Median Jewish minority and subsequently regain power. There will most likely be a military coup as ordered by the Derin Devlet in order to restore order as followed by a major exodus of Median Jews to Israel.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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