The American Trauma

The past twenty years of American wars in the Middle East have created a certain amount of trauma in the American people. The stereotypical lesson from those wars is that those were mistakes but is it that simple? As the JCPOA inches towards inevitable collapse will America eventually face armed conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is therefore fitting and useful to draw some lessons from the past twenty years.

1.) First, al Qaeda attacked America on September 11, 2001 because the organization believed that America is the center of the alleged global Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. America invaded Afghanistan to destroy al Qaeda and its Taliban patron but should have quickly partitioned the country according to language between Turkmenistan (Turkmen language), Uzbekistan (Uzbek language), Tajikistan (Persian language) and Pakistan (Pashto language). Instead America needlessly stayed on to fight a war without an exit strategy.

2.) Second, America was concerned about further mass terrorist attacks and Saddam Hussein had committed genocide, which included the use of chemical weapons. The concern that he would use Jihadists to commits acts of mass terrorism with weapons of mass destruction was not not unfounded although before the US invasion for some reason Saddam Hussein ferried his WMD to Syria. The US was right to liberate Iraq but should have quickly partitioned the country into its main ethnic regions and should have subsequently left Iraq. The US made the same mistake as in Afghanistan of staying on to fight a needless war without an exit strategy.   

3.) Third, Iran will attack dozens of countries with chemical weapons as revenge for the US and Israel destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program. If the international no-fly zone with air support to armed rebellions fail to secure a successful rebellion in Persian areas and thus does not lead to the downfall of the Khomeinist regime is it possible that America may find itself in a position where due to the threat of Iranian WMD mass terrorist attacks against the American homeland, America will have no choice but to invade Persia, i.e. what remains of Iran after the successful rebellions in the ethnic periphery. This is clearly a worst-case scenario and certainly undesirable but may still become necessary and needs therefore be considered. If this happens, America will need to swiftly liberate the country, transform Iran into a confederation of language-based member states (i.e. with the right to opt out) and then promptly withdraw from the country. This is the main lesson from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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