The Success of Iranian Disinformation

The Iranian regime successfully deceived the P5+1 into believing that the JCPOA would be revived. How did they do that? One explanation of course is deceptive diplomacy but that is not the main explanation. Iran is well aware that its system is fatally compromised by Israeli intelligence infiltration. But what about other great powers, don’t they also infiltrate Iranian intelligence? They no doubt do and this is the main explanation for Iran’s success in persuading great powers that Iran somehow intends to return to the JCPOA despite all evidence to the contrary. Iran apparently feeds spies of the great powers with false information and this intelligence deception is successful. 

Not only did Israeli intelligence until recently make the false assumption that Iran was interested in a nuclear agreement with the United States but so did the P5+1 believe as well and no doubt so as based upon intelligence assessments. It is not only the Iranian system which is compromised but Iran apparently has a strategy of keeping spies under watch and feeding them with false information. This means that Israeli and other great power intelligence infiltration of Iran is not as successful as those countries assume, but in fact vital parts of their spy networks in Iran are compromised indeed.

Israeli intelligence and intelligence services of other great powers invested in infiltrating Iranian intelligence have apparently been fed false information for years in not realizing that their brilliant intelligence operations are compromised. As there are only weeks and not months left until the JCPOA is finally declared dead and buried would Israeli intelligence and intelligence services of other major powers be particularly well-advised to reassess much of the information that they have gathered from Iran in the past decade as much may be Iranian disinformation indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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