Establishing Global Theocratic Rule of the Hidden Imam

While this may seem strange is the theocratic establishment of the “global rule of the Hidden Imam” an official geostrategic goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian regime is seriously convinced that the Iranian Islamist revolution constitutes an eschatological process that will culminate in Iranian world rule. This may seem detached from reality, yet does have serious implications for American national security despite Iran being located far away from America. The Iranian regime regards the perceived “depravity” of globalized American culture as evidence that the return of the Hidden Imam is approaching. Furthermore, they believe that they can hasten the return of the Hidden Imam through various geopolitical strategies.

There is a general belief in Islam that the Mahdi (Islamic messiah) and Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus) will appear as part of the escatological process. The Mahdi is in Twelver Shia Islam identified with the Hidden Imam. The twelfth and last Twelver Shia Imam is known as Muhammad al-Mahdi and is believed to live in occultation since the year 870 CE.

The Khomeinist regime believes that the perceived American-Jewish “octopus” is deliberately spreading “depravity” and “corruption” in order to undermine and destroy Islam. The regime perceives Western ideologies and American popular culture as “tools” in the hands of the ostensible global Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. Typical conspiratorial Anti-Semitic beliefs are the notions that “the Jews” control Hollywood and are behind the pornography industry.

Khomeinism is similar to Nazism in perceiving itself to be in the midst of a worldwide struggle with “world Jewry”. Like Nazi Germany does the Iranian regime believe that “everything” is at stake in this ostensibly eschatological struggle with the allegedly wicked “Jews”. Tehran sincerely believes that by defeating the phantasmatic American-Jewish global conspiracy, they can move the eschatological process forward and prompt the return of the Hidden Imam from occultation. The regime is convinced that using weapons of mass destruction against America, Israel and other countries perceived to be strategic to the alleged “Jewish conspiracy” can accelerate the eschatological process.

It is essential to take Iranian rhetoric seriously, including about what they believe is the increasingly imminent global theocratic rule of the Hidden Imam. Khomeinism has, like other modern totalitarian ideologies, its own Weltanschauung (comprehensive worldview) and it is essential to understand that conventional game theory does not necessarily apply in the politics of the Middle East. The regimes in Iran, Syria and Lebanon face perdition yet cannot be expected to act rationally according to conventional game theory in order to evade that fate. In fact, Iran is more dangerous than ever before and poses a severe threat against the American homeland. It is important for decision-makers and intelligence analysts around the world to understand the apocalyptic nature of the Khomeinist Weltanschauung as the implications for national security are severe indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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