The Relationship between Iran and Muslim Brotherhood Intelligence

What is the relationship between Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood? The two espouse very similar forms of Islamism although one is Shia and one is Sunni. Both synethesize traditional political Islam with modernity, with influences particularly from Nazism and Communism. With the exception of Syria where interests diverge due to Iran taking the side of the pseudo-Shiite Crypto-Jewish Alawite secularist regime over that of the Islamist opposition – do the interests of the two substantially converge. There is generally a close relationship between the Erdogan regime and the Khamenei regime. 

The Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet of course insists on maintaining Turkey’s historical alliance with the West and relationship with Israel. While leaders of the Khomeinist regime and leaders of the AKP regime occasionally meet is the relationship between Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood mostly below the radar, i.e. a covert intelligence relationship. Turkey pursues a policy aimed at becoming a regional great power similar to Iran, however there are no signs of rivalry between the two beyond Syria. 

One would think that it would be natural for Hamas (the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) to receive its military support from Ankara as ruled by the AKP (a front organization for the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) but the Derin Devlet does not allow that and so Tehran plays that role instead of Ankara. In principle do the Muslim Brotherhood and the Khomeinist regime purse rival imperialist projects but in practice are they closely aligned due to the infamous pragmatism of the Muslim Brotherhood in being ready to temporarily align with literally anyone (Ra’am, an official affiliate of the Israeli branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is a member of the Israeli government) in order to advance its agenda and gain political support.

In practice are Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood (including Turkey and Gaza) key pillars of the Islamist nexus which also include Taliban Afghanistan and Al Qaeda with ISIL only being aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood to the inclusion of the Erdogan regime. The relationships to the Nexus of the Islamist deep states in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (the ISI, Inter-Services Intelligence) are unknown but it should be assumed that they are part of the Islamist nexus as well. The Erdogan regime furthermore supports and sponsors Salafists in Syria.

Considering the close relationship between the Erdogan regime and the Khamenei regime should it be assumed that there is a close relationship between Muslim Brotherhood intelligence and Iranian intelligence. Not much is known to the public about the relationships within the Islamist nexus between governments of the Islamist Nexus and Jihadist terrorist organizations other than Iran’s alliance with international terror and Turkey’s support for Jihadists in Syria and so the intelligence world would certainly be well-advised to declassify such information so as to help educate the public about the nature and threat of the Islamist nexus indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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