Does the PA Want a Palestinian State?

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has continued the Palestinian nationalist tradition of rejecting all peace offers for partition since 1937. The question needs therefore be asked whether the PA is at all interested in establishing a Palestinian state other than one in the place of Israel as called for in the 1964 PLO Palestinian National Covenant? The PA operates according to what is known in Israel as the Phased Plan and what to the Palestinians is known as the 1974 Ten Point Program. The PA does not mind establishing a transitional state in Judea and Samaria but certainly not at the price of an end-of-claims final status agreement since that would require ceding the demand for immigration of millions of Anti-Zionists to Israel. The PA opposes secure/defensible borders for Israel since that is expressly prohibited by the Phased Plan and would undermine the pursuit to destroy Israel. The PA understands of course that it cannot destroy Israel in one fell swoop and so it pursues a strategy of psychological attrition which is already bearing fruit in the United States where many young Jews tragically influenced by Anti-Semitic propaganda are becoming Anti-Zionists. 

The global Apartheid libel campaign against Israel in the guise of so-called BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is intended to make it psychologically and intellectually unbearable for Israelis to remain in Judea and Samaria. Palestinian leaders think that they succeeded in Gaza and believe that the Oslo process was the result of successful Palestinian global psychological warfare operations. Palestinian leaders are actually relatively unconcerned with the number of Israeli Jews living in Judea and Samaria since their model is Algeria from where 1,6 million French Christians were evacuated in 1962. Otherwise one might think that Palestinian leaders presume that the Israelis are right in assuming that both demography and time are on Israel’s side, however this not the Palestinian perception at all. Palestinian leaders know of course that the Palestinian fertility rate continues to fall as the Palestinian fertility rate in Judea and Samaria (3 children per woman) is significantly lower than the Jewish fertility rate in the same region (5 children per woman) but their strategy is to wage global psychological warfare through skillful propaganda. Once Israel has been compelled to leave Judea and Samaria the way it left Gaza, the battle will shift to making Israel itself collapse by making life in Israel unbearable. Judea and Samaria is intended to become a base for rocket/missile terrorist attacks against Israel in compelling Israeli Jews to emigrate from Israel. Here too does the Palestinian leadership understand that the task is a long war of nerves which undermines the stamina of the Israeli public and makes them want to emigrate and even become Anti-Zionists.

The Phased Plan remains not only the operative plan of the PLO/PA but is furthermore the plan which is being implemented by Iran. The fronts being prepared by Iran in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria are intended as preparation for destroying Israel itself by Muslim armies led by Iran. For Iran of course is massacring the Jews preparation for the return of the Hidden Imam (Mahdi) and Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus). While Khomeinism is Islamist and Palestinism is Arabist do they share a common genocidal obsession in destroying the Jews and therefore is there obviously close Palestinian-Iranian strategic coordination.

The PLOs Phased Plan to destroy Israel

Adopted at the 12th Session of the Palestinian National Council

Cairo, June 9, 1974

The Palestinian National Council:

On the basis of the Palestinian National Charter and the Political Program drawn up at the eleventh session, held from January 6-12, 1973: and from its belief that it is impossible for a permanent and just peace to be established in the area unless our Palestinian people recover all their national rights and, first and foremost, their rights to return and to self-determination on the whole of the soil of their homeland; and in the light of a study of the new political circumstances that have come inte existence in the period between the Council’s last and present sessions, resolves the following:

1. To reaffirm the Palestine Liberation Organization’s previous attitude to Resolution 242, which obligates the national right of our people and deals with the cause of our people as a problem of refugees. The Council therefore refuses to have anything to do with this resolution at any level, Arab or international, including the Geneva Conference.

2. The Liberation Organization will employ all means, and first and foremost armed struggle to liberate Palestinian territory and to establish the independent combatant national authority for the people over every part of Palestinian territory that is liberated. This will require further effected in the balance of power in favor of our people and their struggle.

3. The Liberation Organization will struggle against any proposal for a Palestinian entiry the price of which is recognition, peace, secure frontiers, renunciation of national rights and the deprival of our people of their right to return and their right to self-determination on the soil of their homeland.

4. Any step taken towards liberation is a step towards the realization of the Liberation Organization’s strategy of establishing the democratic Palestinian state specified in the resolutions of previous Palestinian National Councils.

5. Struggle along with the Jordanian national forces to establish a Jordanian-Palestinian national front whose aim will be to set up in Jordan a democratic national authority in close contact with the Palestinian entity that is established through the struggle.

6. The Liberation Organization will struggle to establish unity in struggle between the two peoples and between all the forces of the Arab liberation movement that are in agreement on this program.

7. In light of this program, the Liberation organization will struggle to strengthen national unity and to raise it to the level where it will be able to perform its national duties and tasks.

8. Once it is established, the Palestinian national authority will strive to achieve a union of the confrontation countries, with the aim of completing the liberation of all Palestinian territory, and as a step along the road to comprehensive Arab unity.

9. The Liberation Organization will strive to strengthen its solidarity with the socialist countries, and with the forces of liberation and progress through the world, with the aim of frustration all the schemes of Zionism, reaction and imperialism.

10. In light of this program, the leadership of the revolution will determine the tactics which will serve and make possible the realization of these objectives.

The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization will make every effort to implement this program, and should a situation arise affecting the destiny and the future of the Palestinian people, the National Assembly will be convened in an extraordinary session.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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