The US is Resigned to Coming Iranian WMD Attacks

The Biden administration’s decision to blame the former Trump administration for the impending collapse of the Vienna talks is indicative of a sense of resignation in the US administration over the prospects of Iranian WMD terrorist attacks against the American homeland. This is understandable, Iranian chemical and potentially biological weapons terrorist attacks against major American cities will have horrendous results with in the worst-case scenario hundreds of thousands of dead and the Biden administration will have no choice but to invade Iran if the uprising with air support as part of a no-fly zone fails to succeed in the Persian areas unlike in the ethnic periphery where success is guaranteed. However, the criticism is misplaced in the sense that the failure of the US to deter Iran is due to one year of misguided appeasement policy vis-a-vis Iran. What is causing the failure to return Iran to the JCPOA is however the rightful opposition of the Republican party and its wisely stated intention of abrogating any bad nuclear agreement the US concludes with Iran. Iranian rejectionism has less to do with Trump’s decision but has everything to do with the stance of the Republican party. 

Yet America needs to unite in the face of the Iranian WMD terrorist threat as neither the Republican party nor the Democratic party is to blame for Iranian hatred against against the United States as based on belief in Islamist conspiratorial Anti-Semitism according to which the ostensible global “Jewish conspiracy” to destroy Islam is centered in America and the US superpower itself with its hardpower and softpower is expressive of this American-Jewish “octopus”. However, the problem goes deeper than that as this belief is shared by the leaderships of all Islamist movements worldwide. Belief in the American-Jewish “octopus” is the only reason why al Qaeda attacked the American homeland in 2001. Al Qaeda blamed America for various regional conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide due to belief in this conspiracy theory. Americans need to internalize that the enemy is neither the Democratic party nor the Republican party but in fact global Islamism as Islamist sects worldwide are all united in their belief of the centrality of America in the ostensible global “Jewish conspiracy” to destroy Islam. 

While it is true that JCPOA was successful to some degree, it did not prevent Iran from cheating as revealed by the Iranian nuclear archive as smuggled out from Iran by the Mossad in 2018. The JCPOA did not stop the Iranian nuclear weapons program but only limited uranium enrichment with an insufficient inspection regime. However, the JCPOA merely deferred the Iranian threat and so the confrontation with Iran is inescapable. There is nothing the US can do to mitigate Iranian hostility against America as any potential change in policy will have zero impact in this regard. Iran’s hostility is both irrational as based in Islamist Anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and rational in seeing America as Iran’s global rival since Tehran indeed intends to become a global superpower that would bully its way to global hegemony through prolific use of WMD with nuclear impunity. Nothing could be done to defend the world from the threat of Iranian WMD terrorist attacks – whether chemical, biological or nuclear – when Iran has a deterrence arsenal of long distance missiles with nuclear warheads.

Furthermore, the issue of Tehran fearing only Republican administrations and not Democratic administrations is larger than the Biden administration and its misguided appeasement policy towards Iran. However, the administration of President Joe Biden has certainly exacerbated the Iranian threat by pursuing negotiations with no prospects of success and has thus destroyed the previous fear of the US within the Iranian leadership. While it is legitimate to criticize the Trump administration, there is no question that Donald Trump successfully deterred Iran. The Biden administration should be credited however for now actively building Plan B together with Israel and the emerging international Iran coalition. It is doubtful if the damage from the past year of appeasement policy can be repaired considering the general Iranian lack of fear in Democratic administrations. Nevertheless, America and Israel need to come up with a joint strategy to deter Iran from using weapons of mass destruction. The chances of success are not great but it must nevertheless be tried and it can only be implemented once it is clear that the path of negotiations is dead and buried.

The fact remains however that America is largely helpless in the face of the Iranian threat to wreak havoc in major American cities and potentially murdering as many as hundreds of thousands of American citizens and it is entirely plausible to assume that the IRGC has plans for continued WMD attacks against the American homeland even after the Iranian regime falls from power. While the near future certainly is bleak, there is no substitute for offensive action against the Khomeinist regime in Tehran. Furthermore, America needs a change in defense doctrine in designating the totalitarian ideology of Islamism as a strategic threat against the United States and its allies. The administration of George W. Bush refused to acknowledge this reality as have all subsequent US administrations. However, the Cold War with Islamism/Jihadism will not end with the fall of the Khomeinist regime as the global threat from Jihadism will not disappear and the global Cold War with Islamism/Jihadism will continue for the foreseeable future.

America urgently needs a global strategy to discredit Islamism among Muslims worldwide as Jihadist terrorism (with the exception of Palestinian Fatah Jihadism) is only an expression of the underlying totalitarian ideology and mass movement of  Islamism. American decision-makers should recall that Communism ceased to be a strategic threat against the United States and its allies once the Communist ideology was thorougly discredited and so discrediting the Islamist ideology worldwide is critical to the task of preventing future Jihadist terrorism indeed.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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