An Official Military War Blog

Israel needs an official war blog where the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) will publish a prepared, instant, highly accurate and factual blog post immediately after each military action. As a global propaganda war is waged against an Israel that does not believe in propaganda, Israel is best served by maximum transparency and Israel therefore needs to establish an IDF information corps. The IDF war blog is especially suited to Israeli air strikes where information will be instantly provided about the respective military/terrorist target, coordinate, address, names of human targets, reason for the strike and the exact timing of the air strike and anticipated collateral damage if any. There should be one blog post for every air strike. This will offer Israel the chance to attain information supremacy by being the first to provide information and doing so in a strictly credible, precise and factual manner. The goal should be to provide as much information as possible without endangering IDF soldiers and intelligence sources. 

This is also suitable for ground operations in the upcoming war to liberate Syria and Lebanon from Ba’athism and Khomeinism. Blog posts about ground operations should be similarly detailed and factual. Journalists want to be as early as possible in reporting events and instant publishing through the IDF war blog will offer a crucial advantage in shaping news coverage. The IDF has a track record of being slow with confirming events and this is quite unacceptable. In being the first to report military events will Israel gain a significant informational advantage. Attacks against Israel with rockets, missiles, drones and otherwise should also be reported on the Israeli war blog along with locations, coordinates and numbers of dead and wounded if any. The IDF war blog should provide automatized statistics hour by hour, day by day and week by week on Israeli strikes and attacks against Israel. The IDF war blog should be geared towards providing journalists and bloggers with instant and reliable data in order to shape news coverage in a factual direction. The blog should also post about planned air strikes aborted due to the detected presence of civilians.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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