Biden Would Deploy US Troops to Ukraine if he Were a Wilsonian

The case of Ukraine is a test case for the dying liberal world order. If President Joe Biden were a Wilsonian as he purports to be then surely he would intervene militarily on the side of Ukraine, instead he openly admits that he won’t do so for fear of triggering World War III. Ukraine is a free society with an elected government and America is not willing to defend it. The case of Ukraine rather signals the death knell for the liberal world order as inaugurated by US President Woodrow Wilson. If America is unwilling to defend democratic Ukraine, why then would it be more willing to defend its European NATO allies? If Biden explicitly says he is afraid of war with Russia then why should not Moscow believe him? Is the Biden presidency a genuine opportunity for Russian westward military expansion in Europe? These are certainly the kind of questions President Putin and the Kremlin leadership are asking themselves these days. One cornerstone of the liberal world order is that America will stand with every democracy no matter what. But is this true anymore? The case of Ukraine suggests that it is not. Recent experience from the Trump administration’s abandonment of the Kurds in Iraq and Syria and the Biden administration’s abandonment of Afghanistan and Ukraine suggests that America can no longer be relied upon to the degree that was the case in the past. Increasingly idiosyncratic US foreign policies in the 21st century by each new president constitute a sharp departure from US foreign policy continuity of the 20th century.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization

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