The Death of the Liberal World Order

The US project of imposing a liberal world order has a long pedigree going back to US president Woodrow Wilson a century ago. The pro-democracy efforts by US President George W. Bush resulted in the Arab spring years later but failed to establish liberal democracy other than in Tunisia where it did not last. With that did Wilsonianism effectively become discredited and most liberal democracies were undermined from within to varying degrees by what can best be described as semi-democrats. The Obama, Trump and Biden administrations have effectively laid Wilsonianism to rest and with that the project of the liberal world order. Instead we see the resurgence of imperialism from Tehran, Beijing and Moscow and the feeble diplomatic strategies of the Biden administration effectively invites war and mass terrorism since America’s adversaries sees opportunities in what they unanimously regard as as a “weak” president.

RUSSIA believes that the Biden administration is afraid of war with Russia. This means that there is a serious risk Putin may decide to conquer the entire Europe since he believes Biden is all bark and no bite and would eagerly pull out of Europe to avoid World War III with Russia. 

NORTH KOREA may decide to annihilate Seoul and then conquer the rest of South Korea on the assumption that Biden would not come to the aid of South Korea but would rather pull out of the Korean peninsula “due to the absence of American interests” there.

IRAN sees no reason not to strike against major American cities with biological weapons after America and Israel destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. There is zero American credibility and thus no American deterrence. Iran is keenly aware that President Joe Biden is too nice a person to resort to nuclear weapons against anyone and Tehran does not believe that America would impose a no-fly zone over Iran and invade Iran. Yet, the Biden administration continues to endanger America with an appeasement strategy with zero prospects of success as appeasement undermines credibility and thus destroys deterrence.

CHINA has intensified its threats to invade and conquer liberal-democratic Taiwan but alas that is only the beginning. China has an expansionist history of millennia of Han colonization and what we will see is the great struggle between China and Russia over the largely uninhabited resource-rich expanses of much of Asia. This great game is likely to begin once the Iranian regime has fallen and the country is partitioned and then will both Beijing and Moscow want to reach territorial continuity with both the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean. Beijing has set its sights on Central Asia, Siberia and the Russian Far East. China is building up an invincible military machine and America does not stand in the way of its ambitions.

What happened to the US focus on China? During the first year of the Biden administration the US focused on appeasing Iran to no avail. The US has failed to deter Russia from invading Ukraine and penalizing Russia after the fact will only eliminate US leverage. The US apparently does not understand Putin who is keenly aware that Russia must become a superpower once more in order to be able to defend Siberia against China and so Russia absorbing the European Union will certainly do the trick.

Due to the ineptitude of the Biden administration everyone is counting on a return of Donald Trump to the White House in January 2025. We are witnessing the coming of a Hobbesian world order of the worst kind.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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