Erdogan’s Invasion Threatens Vital Israeli Interests

Erdogan once more threatens to invade NES (North and East Syria). He threatened this already in November 2021 and his plans were apparently shelved by the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus which has significant influence over both TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) and the Turkish government. 

There are currently no moves on the ground to amass ground troops to prepare for a ground invasion, something which is quite unlikely, the prospects of that actually materializing are nevertheless taken extremely seriously by the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria).

The Israel-allied AANES is Jerusalem’s alternative government for Syria once Hezbollah engages in a frontal assault against Israel following a joint Israeli-American destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Hezbollah is spread out throughout Syria and Lebanon and in order to destroy the world’s largest terrorist organization will the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) need to liberate both countries. This will involve establishing an indigenous Aramean Christian state in parts of Lebanon, Israel annexing Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon, Israel handing over most of Syria and the remainder of Lebanon to the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) with the PYD (Democratic Union Party) becoming the new governing party in Damascus. 

This means that a peace treaty would be signed between Israel and the PYD-led Syria giving Israel diplomatic peace in its northern theater. Erdogan as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood would understandably want to prevent and destroy all this. It is obviously difficult for me as an independent intelligence analyst to exactly know the balance of power between the AKP, the TAF and the Derin Devlet inside Turkey. However, previous experience indicates that the Derin Devlet is perfectly capable of stopping (or limiting) an invasion if it wants to as it is always reluctant to excessively intervene in Turkish politics. 

However, considering the close relationship between the Mossad and the Derin Devlet and the prospects for immigration to Israel for the Bektashi Sabbateans once Median Jewish Aliyah is no longer blocked by Muslim dictatorships, this means that the Derin Devlet has a particularly strong interest in making sure that Israel can establish perpetual peace on its northern borders. Furthermore, the SDF/YPG has never attacked Turkish territory and poses no threat whatsoever to Turkey despite Turkey’s incessant and unprovoked attacks against the SDF/YPG. The Derin Devlet would be particularly well-advised to completely cancel Erdogan’s invasion plans as it did in 2021 and not merely limit its scope as it did in 2019. Vital Israeli national security interests are at stake including the strength and endurance of its AANES proxy which will be vital since the SDF at some point in the future will become the new army of democratic Syria.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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