There is Nothing to Negotiate

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has long made it known that the conflict will ostensibly end at the negotiating table. It is a common tactic for parties to armed conflicts to give an impression of being open to “negotiations” and “compromise” in order to garner international sympathy. However, in this case is it ill-advised because it undercuts the case for comprehensively arming Ukraine. Furthermore, Russian psychological warfare has been able to successfully delude American intelligence that a Ukrainian victory in the war would cause Russia to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine. This is absolutely absurd since Russia would have to obliterate Ukraine in order to reverse such a Russian defeat. If Russia views Ukraine as an essential part of Mother Russia why would it use nuclear weapons against it? It does not make sense.

What then could be negotiated? Ukraine certainly would not make territorial concessions. Crimea already had autonomy before 2014 and Donbas could be given the same status and even federalization of Ukraine could be an option, however, it is hard to see how this would even hypothetically satisfy Russia. Ukraine understands this and has no interest in negotiating with Russia and wants to retrieve every inch of Russian-occupied sovereign Ukrainian territory. Russia in turn wants to conquer the entire Ukraine as a prelude to conquering Europe from Poland to Ireland and has absolutely no interest in a negotiated deal with Ukraine. What is there to negotiate? Absolutely nothing! The West should stop deluding itself that this war will end in a negotiation. It will either end with Russia being kicked out entirely from Ukraine or with Russia conquering the entire Ukraine. The latter scenario is of course something that the West is able to fully prevent by continuing to arm Ukraine. 

However, the problem is that the vision of the West is to perpetuate the war and bring it to a stalemate and ultimately to a negotiation in order to avoid the nuclear bogeyman. This is based on a severe miscalculation, Russia has no intention of using nuclear weapons on what it essentially regards as its own soil and American intelligence has been deceived by successful Russian psychological warfare. The notion that there is interest in a negotiated solution on either side is an absolute fallacy since this conflict is a zero-sum game. There are absolutely no prospects for a negotiated solution since no sovereign nation makes territorial concessions in today’s world.

Rather, the reality is that the West is engaged in a proxy war against Russia and we must win at all costs in order to prevent direct war between Russia and NATO. Furthermore, Europe should provide substantially more funding to Ukraine. It is unfair that the United States is shouldering most of the financial burden and that the Europeans are once more not paying their fair share. It must be recognized that Ukraine is the outer defense perimeter of NATO as European NATO nations will surely be attacked as well if Ukraine falls. 

While it is of course tempting to fall for the negotiation fallacy there is simply no basis for assuming that the war will end with a negotiated settlement. This is not a mere border dispute but is about the fate of the entire Ukraine. Furthermore, the Russian conquest of Ukraine is just a prelude to the planned Russian conquest of the European Union as Moscow believes it must become an economic and military superpower in order to become able to defend itself against a China bent in the long term on conquering Siberia and the rest of Russia. 

EU nations must wake up to the Russian threat and urgently form a unified European military. Europe should learn from Israel that peace is made through strength and the formation of a unified European military would successfully persuade Moscow to call off its plan to conquer Europe and instead align with the world (including the EU) against China. The truth is that NATO does not successfully deter Russia and with a unified European military would NATO become redundant since the EU would become perfectly capable of defending itself without American participation and would furthermore be able to truly deter Russia from attacking since the size of the EU military would be vastly larger than that of the Russian military.

America is doing its part in allocating funds to arm Ukraine, Europe in contrast is not paying its fair share for what is essentially its own defense. The EU and its member nations must step up and drastically increase their military aid to Ukraine. Currently, the Western strategy is attrition, to perpetuate this war and bring it to a stalemate by halting the Russian advance with the hope of resolving the conflict through negotiations. This is a pipe dream that will never happen and the West must instead arm Ukraine for total victory, i.e. complete liberation of every inch of Russian-occupied territory. This is the right strategy for ending this war as soon as possible.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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