The West Should Stop Dragging its Feet on Arming Ukraine

Ukraine says that it has only received about 10% of the weapons deliveries it has requested from the West. What could conceivably explain this scandalous situation? Either Western governments are greedy, incompetent and bureaucratic (something which seems unlikely) to the detriment of Ukraine or else is there a deliberate policy in place of not providing sufficient arms to Ukraine in order to produce a stalemate and eventually a ceasefire supposedly (but not actually) leading to peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. The realist notion underpinning this policy is apparently to maintain a balance of power between Moscow and Kyiv and prevent either side from winning and the calculus is that this will prevent war between Russia and NATO. The inevitable consequence of this mistaken and extremely cynical policy apparently calculated out of fear of the nuclear bogeyman is instead perpetual war and continued mass civilian suffering in Europe which may go on for a decade or more. President Biden who is supposed to stand with fellow democracies need to change course as must indeed other NATO allies. Democratic Ukraine should urgently be provided with all the weapons it needs to defend itself and to regain control over its entire sovereign territory and thus end the war as soon as possible and bring back peace to Europe. Ukraine is the moral test of our generation, we must not fail it.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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