The West Needs to Shift Paradigm on Ukraine Military Funding

The outcome of the current level of Western militarily deliveries to Kyiv is to effectively keep democratic Ukraine on life support and produce a deadlock between Russia and Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) are highly capable, professional, motivated and able to defeat Russia and kick out every last occupying Russian soldier from sovereign Ukrainian soil. However, attaining this and hence conclusively preventing war between Russia and NATO in scuttling Russia’s ambitions to become a superpower by conquering Europe in order to defend Siberia from China is contingent on Western weapons deliveries which are currently completely insufficient. At present, the ZSU is losing about 100 soldiers a day due to not having been provided with nearly sufficient heavy weaponry. This is tragic and absolutely heartbreaking. EU nations must internalize that they will be next if Russia conquers Ukraine and the US must face the reality that young Americans will then once more die in large numbers in the trenches of Europe. It is a vital national security interest of all NATO nations that Russia is strategically defeated in Ukraine and so NATO nations must be ready to invest vast sums in the weapons deliveries required for defeating Russia and liberating all occupied Ukrainian sovereign territory and hence restore peace in Europe and prevent further war on the subcontinent. NATO nations would be particularly well-advised to change course and fully embrace the cause of the valiant, bleeding democratic nation of Ukraine.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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