What is the Iranian Game?

Usually, the Iranians and their proxies are playing their cards very carefully but more recently have the Iranians been using some unusual cards. The indirect negotiations with the United States have been brought to the brink with the intention likely being to eventually blame Washington for their ultimate failure. Simultaneously, Tehran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah threatened war with Israel unless the dispute over the exclusive economic zone is resolved at the latest by September 2022.

What to make of this strategy? Superficially would it appear to be an attempt by Tehran to draw a wedge between Jerusalem and Washington. But this is unlikely considering that Khomeinists like all Islamist ideologues believe that the American superpower constitutes a global Jewish conspiracy with Israel merely being considered one of its many “tentacles”. 

What then is behind this Iranian international noise? Israeli intelligence apparently does not understand that there may be an integrated regional strategy here, including possibly against the Gulf states. Of course I could be wrong, a return to the JCPOA could be imminent and Nasrallah could be just bluffing in order to reinforce Lebanon’s negotiating position but I am more suspicious of Iranian intentions than that. My sense is that the Iranians are hiding something far more devious. Not that I could be wrong of course but my warning lights are flashing.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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