The US National Interest Requires US Membership in a MENA Defense Alliance

Iran is planning to roll its tanks all the way through the MENA region to the Atlantic coast of Morocco and Israel is the most significant obstacle in its way. There are serious problems with the nascent MENA alliance in all its phases:

  1. Formation: This is diplomatically very difficult to attain, not only due to Arab reluctance to normalize relations with Israel but primarily due to paranoid attitudes by Arab governments towards each other. This is extremely difficult to attain without US participation in the alliance.
  2. Integration: This is even more difficult to attain despite the Iranian sword of Damocles hanging over Arab nations. While Arab governments would be happy to integrate militarily with Israel, it is difficult to imagine them integrate militarily with each other unless the US is also a member of the alliance.
  3. War: Israel is not powerful enough to operatively lead the alliance, this must be the task of the US.

Why is this a US interest? Because this will paradoxically make the MENA region much less dependent on US boots on the ground in times of war by militarily empowering the Arabs at all three levels. Furthermore, it will make war much less likely by effectively deterring Iran. Call it the NATO effect if you like.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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