A Joint Iran Operation is a Shared US-Israeli Interest

The US is able to deter Iran, i.e. temporarily so, but it has to be sustained over time in order to ensure homeland security from the threat of Iranian biological terrorism against major American cities. The US is right to pursue military integration with Israel as this bolsters US deterrence vis-a-vis Iran. However, this requires a different kind of relationship based on equal partnership between allies. Obviously, Jerusalem does not wish to be reined in by Washington and in particular not regarding striking the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Yet, the fact that not even Israel trusts that the US will strike Iran’s nuclear program is precisely part of the problem with regard to US deterrence vis-a-vis Iran. What is the US interest here? The US interest is to strike the Iranian nuclear weapons program together with Israel. If the US does not, it is a US interest that Israel does although the existence of this scenario undermines US deterrence and thus presents significant dangers to homeland security. The US national security interest is specifically that no one in the world – least of all Iran – should doubt that the US together with Israel will strike Iran’s nuclear program. It is urgent that President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu meet once more and this time to hash out the details of enhanced US-Israeli military cooperation in the interest of the national security of both nations.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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