The Future of Metropolitan Jerusalem lies in the Judean Desert

Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel with 900 000 inhabitants. Due to the predominantly religious nature of the Jewish population of Jerusalem, Jewish Jerusalemites have a high natural growth rate. While it will be possible to accommodate some of the population growth by building skyscrapers in the place of current buildings, it is clearContinue reading “The Future of Metropolitan Jerusalem lies in the Judean Desert”

The International Community was Wrong About Judea and Samaria

Sometimes it takes an effort to admit that you were in the wrong. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially if it is an entrenched political position, so let’s examine the issue of Judea and Samaria. If you want a Palestinian state then a solution along the lines of the Kushner peace plan is the onlyContinue reading “The International Community was Wrong About Judea and Samaria”

Judea and Samaria are Indigenous Jewish Lands

Many indigenous peoples hold their traditional lands to be sacred and many indigenous peoples have long since been exiled from their traditional lands by imperial powers. The Jews are no exception. The Jews are a Fourth World Nation who have remarkably transitioned into one of the most affluent countries in the world. The origin ofContinue reading “Judea and Samaria are Indigenous Jewish Lands”