Israel Should Export Language Revival

The revival of the Hebrew language is the most successful revival of any language anywhere. In Israel in recent years, a dying dialect of Western Aramaic has been successfully revived among Maronite-Israeli children in the northern Israeli town of Jish (Gush Halav). Israel as the undisputed world leader in language revival should institute an internationalContinue reading “Israel Should Export Language Revival”

Only Israel can Liberate Aram

The indigenous Aramean people of the Middle East has often suffered terrible persecution and oppression by Muslim rulers and their proxies. There is one region in the Middle East where the Arameans still make up the majority and that is the Mount Lebanon region of Lebanon. The Aramean people once lived throughout the Fertile CrescentContinue reading “Only Israel can Liberate Aram”

A Just War for Peace

A joint IDF-SDF defensive war to liberate Syria and Lebanon in response to the massive Hezbollah missile barrage against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities will take a few months. The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) will overrun the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) in the course of merely a couple of months with overwhelming Israeli airContinue reading “A Just War for Peace”