How Iran Views the US-Israel Relationship

The basic prism through which the Iranian regime views international politics and domestic politics in many countries is that of the ostensible global “Jewish conspiracy” to destroy Islam. Tehran believes that the infamous forgery of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a genuine document outlining the Zionist conspiracy to control the world. When Iran says it wants to eliminate Zionism then the regime does not only refer to Israel but also to the imaginary global American-Jewish “octopus” which Islamists movements generally believe is specifically geared towards subverting, corrupting and destroying Islam in all dimensions around the world. The worldwide Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam is roughly synonymous to what Marxists refer to as “imperialism” and “cultural imperialism”, the main difference being that the Islamists like the Nazis ascribe this influence to a cunning global Jewish conspiracy.

Both Nazis and Islamists believe that Israel and the global “Jewish conspiracy” in part have conflicting priorities and that sometimes there is tension between the two. For most totalitarianians, including Nazis, Islamists and Communists is America the main enemy. Most totalitarians want to destroy Israel and bring down America. On the one hand does Iran view Israel as one of many tentacles of the American-Jewish “octopus”, on the other does Iran see Israel ostensibly in a  powerful way influencing the United States and other countries. This perception explains the distinction between the “Great Satan” and the “Small Satan”. The Jews are the enemy but American Jews are the main enemy since they are seen as running what Marxists refer to as the ostensible “imperialism” (hard power) and “cultural imperialism” (soft power) of the United States, purportedly through a well-oiled global machinery, all geared towards bringing down Islam.

No amount of appeasement on the part of Rob Malley will change this Iranian perception which is at the very core of the Islamist Weltanschauung (comprehensive worldview). Make no mistake, America is the main enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will no doubt remain so for as long as the Khomeinist polity remains in existence.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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