The Danger of Messianism

The Jewish nation has a long history of failed messianisms, with usually profoundly tragic consequences for the Jews. The two-state illusion is different from the previous messianist movements in that the false messiah is not a person but an enemy government. The Palestinian Authority is not only Anti-Zionism incarnate but it is the most Anti-Semitic government in the world for which hating, opposing and negatiing the Jews in every possible way is parts of it own collective identity. The two-state illusion led to the death of thousands of people, yet still many people are fervent believers in this failed messianic project which was supposed to bring perpetual peace, yet instead brought terrorism, incitement, kleptocracy, Jihadism and dictatorship. 

The project officially collapsed once it reached the stage of “final status negotiations” two decades ago and has not progressed one inch since then due to the Palestinian insistence on flooding Israel with millions of Anti-Zionists, something if implemented would make any two-state solution strictly temporary and transitional indeed. The project is an abject failure and the Palestinian Authority has not changed its position one iota since that time and this position has only been entrenched as part of the collective identity of the Palestinians. There is absolutely no chance that it will change in the future. Yet, some people refuse to learn from consistent failure and still insist against all evidence and experience that this dangerous illusion will bring perpetual peace to the Jewish nation.

While the coming of a future messianic age is a core belief in Rabbinic Judaism, there is an opinion in the Talmud that the Messianic age will not include a personal messiah. The real messiah of the Jewish nation is Zionism and the real messianic age is high tech which has the prospect, indeed real potential of resolving all human problems. Israel has become a global center in high tech innovation, research, development and entrepreneurship and Israel is increasingly realizing the prophetic vision of the indigenous Jewish nation becoming a light unto the nations. One in every ten working Israelis is employed in high tech which in 2021 accounted for 51% of Israeli exports with Israeli high tech exports growing by 20% in 2021 alone.

What will bring peace is something entirely different than the failed two-state illusion which brought nothing good for anyone other than relieving the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) of the burden of militarily administering urban and suburban Palestinian areas. The Israeli government cynically, yet skillfully rode the wave of false messianism in knowing full well that the Palestinian Authority would last for decades since Israeli intelligence was obviously well aware (they are not completely incompetent) that no final status agreement was possible as the Palestinian side is implacably opposed to signing an end-of-claims final status agreement since that would involve ceding the claim for flooding Israel with millions of Anti-Zionists, which of course effectively is a demand for ending two-state proposal. 

In one of the first years of this millennium, I interviewed a Zaza-Swedish Alevi Dede (Alevi Kohen) Hasan Cengiz, originally from Dersim (Tunceli) of Zazaistan, Turkey, at his workplace in metropolitan Stockholm as part of a course assignment while studying Islamic studies at Stockholm University. During the interview I concluded from the Alevi Dede that Alevism has a typically Jewish ethics. A few years later, I drew the conclusion that the secretive Alevism must be a continuation of the Israelite religion of the ten tribes as deported by the Assyrians 27 centuries ago as there was no other explanation for the Jewish ethics of the Alevis. 

A decade after the interview I began to publish on a website of mine about Alevis being Jewish and I was contacted by many Alevis through Facebook messenger, most of whom appeared to believe that I was the anticipated messiah. (Alevis expect the messiah to appear in the form of the Prophet Elijah.) One Alevi in particular helped me research Alevism and find evidence for Alevism being a form of Judaism. He searched thousands of Turkish-language Alevi websites for me and informed me through the chat about the content of particular websites and gradually I began to gather small pieces of evidence that eventually turned into a critical mass of proof for Alevism being a form of Judaism. E.g. Alevis light candles on Friday night just like rabbinic Jews do and the Shabbat (from dusk on Friday til dusk on Saturday) is the Alevi day of rest. In 2014, I created a new website devoted to Crypto-Jewish communities and began to publish the collected evidence of Alevism being a form of Judaism.

I also began to reconstruct the history of Alevism and related denominations which are also derived from the Israelite religion of the ten deported tribes. I concluded that the many communities with Israelite customs in Africa, Asia and Oceania were converted by the Magis (from Hebrew Maggid, preacher) who traveled to many countries and who were the Median kohanim. At first I did not know what to call these communities but when I activated this website in 2021 I decided to refer to them as Median Jews as the deported Israelites converted the Medes to Judaism and their kohanim became the priestly caste of the Medes. The Alevis, the Alians, the Bektashis, the Druze, the Khaksaris, the Shabaks, the Yarsanis and the Yezidis are all descendants of ancient Median Jews while other such communities around the world (including Igbos and Maasai) are descended from those converted by the Magis in ancient times.

Zionism is the real redemption of the indigenous Jewish nation and it is not based on irrational messianic belief but on auto-emancipation. The arrival of tens of millions of Median Jews, who will be very eager to immigrate to Israel, forms part of the secular process of redemption of the indigenous Jewish nation. The historical rediscovery of core Median Jewry as Jews (the Alevis, the Alians, the Bektashis, the Druze, the Khaksaris, the Shabaks, the Yarsanis and the Yezidis) herald the age of peace since their Aliyah (immigration) to Israel will enable the attainment of perpetual peace between Israel and its neighbors as this critical mass of Jewish immigrants will enable Israeli redemption and enfranchisement of the entire Judea and Samaria and for Jordan to subsequently annex Gaza. 

Israel will liberate Syria and Lebanon from the totalitarian forces of Ba’athism and Khomeinism, establish an Aramean Christian state (Aram), annex Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon and subsequently hand over most of Syria and the remainder of Lebanon to the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) of the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria). New borders will be fixed through a trilateral international agreement between Jerusalem (Israel), Damascus (Syria) and Beirut (Aram) and as part of that agreement will the Golan be recognized as sovereign Israeli territory.

I have taken upon myself the nominally messianic tasks of 1) the rediscovery of the descendants of the ten deported Israelite tribes and providing irrefutable evidence thereof, 2) reconstructing the history of Median Jews, 3) decoding the secrets of Esoteric Judaism and 4) help bringing the descendants of the ten lost tribes to Israel by means of this sometimes influential diplomatic blog. Yet, I do not believe in a personal messiah, rather I believe in Zionist auto-emancipation as the realization of the ancient Israelite prophetic vision of the redemption of the indigenous Jewish nation. As for the messianic era, we already live in a Messianic era with the very realistic promise of all human problems gradually being resolved through innovation in high tech.

Although I understand that changing the position of the international community on the matter of the two-state illusion is very challenging and will take years, there is no doubt that the two-state illusion is a false messiah based on fervent irrational belief against all experience and evidence and so the reality of implementation of genuine peace will have its impact in eventually ensuring international recognition of realities of perpetual peace.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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