Hezbollah’s Diplomatic Lobby

As the Middle East finds itself on the brink of war the usual suspects in the so-called international community undoubtedly once more line up to pressure the Jewish state. However, Hezbollah has been instructed by Tehran to start a war with Israel for reasons unrelated to Lebanon and so it does not really matter whether Israel starts extracting gas from the Karish gas field or not because Hezbollah could easily find another excuse. Israel has already made 100% of the concessions it could theoretically make and so postponing extracting gas from Karish is merely delaying the inevitable, namely war. Of course, the Europeans and the Americans imagine pursuing yet another indefinite negotiation process with Iran, but this is detached from reality. First the idea of a liberal democracy taking orders from a terrorist organization is abhorrent. Second, this is ineffective because Iran wants war anyway and so will have its war in order to deter Israel from attacking its nuclear weapons program. Third, the notion that Israel triggers war by starting to extract gas in the Karish field is nauseous as it is Hezbollah that threatens to attack the Karish gas rig which until 2020 was not even claimed by Lebanon. Giving in to international pressure on Karish gas extraction means showing weakness which is very dangerous and destabilizing in the Middle East and of course Israel is always irrationally told to engage in weak behavior.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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