Israel’s Ukrainian Conundrum

What are the reasons for Israel refraining from selling lethal weapons to Ukraine despite it clearly being in the interest of Israel that Russia is defeated and thus WWIII is avoided and China is contained? Because that much is at stake in the Ukraine war. 

  1. Vladimir Putin is almost historically unique as a Russian leader who is not an Anti-Semite and Israel does not want Russia to perceive Israel as an enemy state.
  2. Israel knows that it is possible that an Anti-Semite can be elected president of the United States in the future and who would abandon Israel, it is therefore critical for Israel to cultivate China and Russia as potential allies and alternative patrons in the UN Security Council.
  3. Israel is not really concerned about the preservation of the aerial coordination with Russia over the skies of Syria as is often claimed since maintaining this is in the interests of both Jerusalem and Moscow. What is very much a concern however is that Russia will actively militarily participate on Syria’s side when Israel invades Syria in order to destroy Hezbollah and install the PYD in Damascus.
  4. Israel is concerned that Moscow might stop Jewish immigration to Israel from Russia as a punitive measure, although this is extremely unlikely under almost any circumstances.

In contrast to this fear-based policy in which Israeli weapons deliveries to Ukraine are given an exaggerated influence on cold, unemotional Russian geostrategic calculations, Israel should consider a different approach. After all, Russia has already abandoned Jerusalem as Israel is designated as part of the MENA region to be conquered by Iran under the new Russo-Iranian Molotov-Ribbentrop pact in which Russia in parallel conquers Europe. Surely, they must laugh in the Kremlin at the fears of Russian emotional reaction by the court Jew policy makers in Jerusalem who fear that the coldhearted Russian policymakers will be so primitive as to be vengeful! Instead, the Israelis should simply ask the Russians why it is legitimate for Russia to provide Iran with a modern air force while it is illegitimate for Israel to provide high tech weapons to Ukraine? Jerusalem should simply ask for reciprocity. If you halt weapons export to Iran, we promise not to export weapons to Ukraine.

Of course, it could be argued that weapons exports to Ukraine are simply an unnecessary risk for Israel which has little to gain. However, this is mistaken, Israeli military high tech could be instrumental in defeating Russia and thus avoiding WWIII, breaking up the new Russo-Iranian Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, bringing a defeated Russia into the American orbit (Russia needs to defend Siberia from Chinese expansionism) and and thus making sure that China is territorially contained from all directions so that it cannot conquer other nations, including Israel which is also on the Chinese list of nations to be conquered, in this case so as to reach the eastern Mediterranean. If and when Ukraine wins this war and the last Russian soldier is kicked out from the last inch of occupied territory, the big winner will be the United States which will have contained China and prevented both WWIII in Europe and the MENA region and a Chinese WWIV of aggressive global conquest. If this is not an Israeli interest, then I don’t know what is? This will preserve relations with Moscow and Beijing and maintain them as reserve allies rather than turning them into enemies while maintaining American global supremacy.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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