What is the Kurdish Interest in WWIII?

What is the Kurdish interest in terms of the approaching WWIII? It should be noted that WWIII can still be prevented by crushing the Russian war machine in Ukraine. However, how should AANES and KRG maneuver in anticipation of WWIII?

It should always be kept in mind that NES and KRI are embryonic Kurdish states and must therefore be protected at all cost. It could be argued that the PKK has common interests with Russia, but this is particularly myopic considering that Moscow’s Iranian ally will seek to liquidate both AANES and KRG. Therefore, the interests of Rojava and Bashur are more important than the interests of Bakur. Furthermore, there is no reason to believe that cynical Russia would be favorably disposed towards Kurdish rights in Turkey but would merely be happy to use, abuse and dispose of the Kurds.

Rather, the best hope for the Kurds in Bakur is the Derin Devlet establishing an Israeli-influenced secular dictatorship under an Alevi president that would oppress the Islamists, grant Kurds rights and possibly autonomy. At the same time, the threat of WWIII is an opportunity for the KRG to strengthen its ties with Ankara. It is also an opportunity for AANES to reconcile and align with both Turkey and KRG. It is furthermore an opportunity for the Kurds to strengthen and deepen their alliance with both Jerusalem and Washington. There may also be opportunities to strengthen Kurdish ties with the EU and the UK.

It must be kept in mind that Israel winning what is described in Israel as “the Northern War” will lead to the PYD being established as the new government in Damascus and thus the Kurds will reach the Mediterranean sea. The goal must be to establish an independent Kurdistan in Rojava, Bashur and Rojhelat with autonomy within Turkey for Bakur and in order to do that it is essential to politically and militarily first reach the sea.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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