America Needs Strategic Focus in Mideast Policy

As the Biden administration has finally concluded that the JCPOA is off the table, the US needs a coherent and focused strategy in the Middle East to protect US national security. Iran with its WMD terrorist networks poses the greatest threat to American national security and so it is essential to contain and deter Iran while threatening the Mullahs with regime change, made possible through a no-fly zone over Iran with air support to insurgents and if that contrary to all expectations does not work must America liberate Iran. The US government must clearly and publicly articulate that if Iran uses weapons of mass destruction anywhere in the world will the US bring down the mullah regime, no ifs and buts. The White House must draw a clear red line for Iran and make the threat credible.

While the threat of Iranian sleeper cells deploying biological weapons against major American cities is clear and present, there is still time to contain and deter Iran. The most important American interest in the Middle East at present is for Washington to facilitate a peace deal between Riyadh and Jerusalem. Why is this so you may wonder? Because Saudi-Israeli normalization will enable the formation of a MENA defense alliance that will very effectively serve to deter and contain Iran and that will serve to protect America from the Iranian terrorist WMD threat. Saudi-Israeli normalization will drastically enhance American interests in the region and curtail those of America’s enemies.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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