Genocide in America

Make no mistake, the United States of America, a.k.a. “The Great Satan” is the main and primary adversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran. “Death to America” is no mere slogan, the Supreme Leader says it will happen. Why is this so? For the same reason why 9/11 happened. Because Islamist ideologues generally are strongly convinced that the American superpower with its soft power and hard power constitutes “the global Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam”. No diplomacy will ever change that robust conviction as it is absolutely futile to argue with Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. America has been in conflict with powers espousing Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories since WWII, first with Nazi Germany, then with the Soviet Union and finally Iran and Jihadist terrorist organizations. Iran wants to destroy America and has the means to murder tens of millions of innocent American civilians with biological weapons. Iran speaks far more explicitly about “annihilating Israel” but America is much more defenseless and vulnerable due to the reality that Iran would not use biological weapons against Israel so as not wipe out large Palestinian populations. It is true that America in response could take action to implement regime change in Iran, first through a no-fly zone and if that does not work through an invasion, yet it is also true that Iran’s terrorist networks in the US could launch second and third waves of biological terror against innocent Americans. However, if Iran acquired nuclear weapons the threat would become far more worse as the US would have no implementable means of response short of MAD. Not participating in an operation to neutralize the Iranian nuclear weapons program would make America even more vulnerable to genocidal retribution since Israel is regarded by Iran as a mere tentacle on “the American-Jewish Octopus” and the US would therefore be seen as “weak”, “treacherous” and “cowardly” and hence less dangerous. When does Iran plan this attack to happen? It would certainly make sense to deter further attacks against the Iranian nuclear weapons program by attacking America with biological weapons immediately after America and Israel or Israel alone neutralizes the Iranian nuclear weapons program. However, it is quite possible that this attack is now instead planned for the WWIII that Iran and Russia are planning against the Arab world and Europe respectively.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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