Ending Lebanon is in the Interest of the Peoples of Lebanon

Lebanon under Iranian control is turning increasingly dystopian. The ruling elite refuses to reform the economy and the population is sinking ever deeper into economic misery. The country has been taken over by Hezbollah, the world’s largest terrorist organization and its political system is completely dysfunctional. Lebanese leaders are well aware of Lebanon’s approaching demiseContinue reading “Ending Lebanon is in the Interest of the Peoples of Lebanon”

Will Tehran Unleash Hezbollah?

There are reportedly differing assessments in Israeli military intelligence (Aman) as to whether Hezbollah will attack Israel in response to Israel and America destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Why is this so? Iranian officials insist that they will “destroy Israel” in response to the destruction of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. This of course isContinue reading “Will Tehran Unleash Hezbollah?”

Israel is Planning Full-Scale Invasion of Syria

Israel has revealed parts of its plans for eradicating Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian Jihadist terrorist organizations in Lebanon and Syria. This involves not only invading Lebanon but invading Syria as well. However, this cannot be done without also defeating the LAF (Lebanese Armed Forces) and the SAA (Syrian Arab Army). In practice is this aContinue reading “Israel is Planning Full-Scale Invasion of Syria”

Arming the SDF with Heavy Weapons will Shorten Israel’s Next War

The main problem with a joint IDF-SDF strategic operation in Syria and Lebanon following Hezbollah’s upcoming massive missile assault on urban Israel will be the slow pace of the advancement of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) due to its lack of heavy weapons, particularly tanks and artillery. While the SDF is highly motivated and theContinue reading “Arming the SDF with Heavy Weapons will Shorten Israel’s Next War”

The Axis of Genocide

The Lebanese, Syrian and Iranian militaries in the northern Levant are deeply integrated with the Hezbollah terrorist organization and must from Israel’s perspective therefore be considered extensions of Hezbollah. Together do they constitute the Axis of Genocide in the northern Levant as they in the words of the leaders of the Islamic Republic of IranContinue reading “The Axis of Genocide”

The Hydra must be Slayed

There is a so-called “axis of resistance” in the northern Levant which would be better described as an “axis of genocide” because that is their real purpose, namely as the leaders the Islamic Republic of Iran say “the annihilation of Israel”. These words are carefully chosen and the word “annihilation” is quite unmistakable indeed. HezbollahContinue reading “The Hydra must be Slayed”

The Paradox of Alawite Rule

The Syrian regime is controlled by a clique of assimilated ethnic Alawites supported by a wider class of Alawite military officers yet the ruling Alawite clique promotes the assimilation of the Alawite people into Islam. How can this be reconciled? First thing is this highly peculiar since the Ba’athist ideology was a secularist ideology toContinue reading “The Paradox of Alawite Rule”

Hezbollah’s Patrons

Iran is racing towards producing enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb while at the same time Israel is racing to develop capacity to strategically degrade the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Once Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program – will Hezbollah unleash massive barrages of tens of thousands of missiles against Tel Aviv andContinue reading “Hezbollah’s Patrons”

Whither al-Ba’ath

There were once two Ba’ath-controlled states, but the Ba’ath party was unseated from power in Iraq in 2003 and so the only remaining Ba’ath state is Syria. Yet, Syria is more akin to a pseudo-monarchy run by a a relatively small number of members from a Crypto-Jewish sect who outwardly pretend to be Anti-Semites andContinue reading “Whither al-Ba’ath”

Open Letter to the Median Jews who Run Syria

Most of you are Alawites, some of you are Druze, in either case, you did not know you were you Jewish when you grew up because nobody told you and in any case your parents did not know either, only your top religious leaders knew. Now however the situation is different as you know thatContinue reading “Open Letter to the Median Jews who Run Syria”

The SAA Stands No Chance

Israel has no choice but together with the allied Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) crush Hezbollah and its sponsors in Syria and Lebanon after Hezbollah launches its massive missile barrages against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities in response to the Israeli destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. This is a war of no choiceContinue reading “The SAA Stands No Chance”

The Last Ba’ath Regime is a Losing Bet

Israel has no choice but to strategically destroy as much as possible from the air of the Iranian nuclear weapons program as it poses an existential threat against the Jewish people and Iran increasingly approaches nuclear threshold status, something that is absolutely unacceptable to Israel. Tehran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah will respond with massive missile barragesContinue reading “The Last Ba’ath Regime is a Losing Bet”