What Strategic Choice Does Israel Have?

Iran threatens to cause immense damage to urban Israel, including to the city of Tel Aviv, Israel’s economic capital by unleashing massive barrages of rockets and missiles in emptying Hezbollah’s entire 150 000 strong rocket/missile stockpile. What should Israel do in response? Perform some air raids and carry out some incursions as in 2006 only to wait for the next even worse assault on Tel Aviv and the rest of urban Israel once Hezbollah has rebuilt its rocket/missile stockpile to even far larger dimensions?

Should Israel just turn the other cheek and let Hezbollah raze Tel Aviv to ground and murder its population? While it certainly could be myopically argued that regime change in Beirut and Damascus (regimes that actively sponsor the Hezbollah terrorist organization), redrawing international boundaries and annexing territories populated by Median Jews – all through a joint IDF-SDF operation – is an exaggerated response to Hezbollah trying to raze Tel Aviv to the ground, what other options are there available to Israel?

International critics of Israel should present strategic alternatives to Israel. What exactly should Israel do about the Hezbollah threat in their view? If the US pursues an eliminationist policy of taking out Jihadist terrorists until the last Jihadist terrorist is dead why shouldn’t Israel? The same is true of Hamas and the PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad). Israel has to pursue an eliminationist policy with regard to Hamas and PIJ as well. The projectile threat must be completely ended for good. What alternative do Israel’s friendly critics suggest? Withdraw once more so Hamas can take over Judea and Samaria so that they can launch rockets and missiles from there as well? It does not sound like a good piece of advice and the diplomatic dead-end notion of Palestinian statehood furthermore does not resolve the projectile threat from Gaza, nor does it even hypothetically bring peace between Israel and Gaza since Hamas vehemently rejects peace with Israel, even in theory.

Israel faces a two-front war with a southern military theater (Gaza) and a northern military theater (Lebanon and Syria). This will be the largest war ever in Israel’s history and while critics may focus on what will no doubt be large numbers of civilian casualties (this is the nature of modern warfare) and pretend that Israel is somehow magically able to carry out surgical strikes without ever accidentally killing civilians as if those powers themselves had those accident-free military capabilities!

Israel will establish an Aramean Christian state and annex Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon while the SDF-installed new PYD government in Damascus will annex the remainder of Lebanon. Israel will redeem and enfranchise the entire Judea and Samaria and Jordan will annex Gaza. Contrary to what those critics may argue, this is neither a disproportionate response nor is it contrary to international law as the new borders only will be trilaterally established subsequent to the war by Jerusalem and the new governments in Beirut and Damascus. The intended mass attacks by Hezbollah, Hamas and PIJ against urban Israel including against the city of Tel Aviv, Israel’s economic capital, is international terrorism of the first-degree comparable only to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States. If the United States was entitled to invade and occupy a country in response – so is Israel. 

Again, Israel welcomes constructive criticism and Israel’s friendly critics should present Israel with their own alternative military plans for Israel ending the projectile threat in both the southern military theater and the northern military theater. The time for military specialists of those countries that are critical of Israel’s plans to present their own alternative plans is now, not when the war has already started as it will already be too late for alternative plans. 

The fact is that Israel faces a literally impossible situation with the projectile threat which is intended to destroy Israel or at least at this stage cause Israel very severe economic damage. Israel must destroy the terrorist organizations seeking to destroy Israel and that are amassing projectiles for this purpose. This is a war of no choice. This war will bring Israel peace on all fronts throughout the Levant and there are no serious alternatives.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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